Believe it or not, I actually get asked quite a few questions with regards to Girl in the North and I really don’t mind answering them! If you have one which isn’t listed below, please feel free to email me it!

Where are you from originally?
I grew up on a farm near to a rather popular Forest (if you’re from the North East then you’ll probably have spent many a school-trip near my house! My parents still live there & I go back quite regularly.

What camera do you use?
Now, I pretty much use my iphone the majority of the time… I’m a bad blogger I know! You can follow me here though. I do also from time to time use a Cannon 450 dslr.

What’s your day job?
I now work in marketing and events… I’ve always known ever since I first got the internet age 11 that I wanted to work in the industry.

I’m a business & interested in working with you… how should I contact you?
Fire me an email or send me a tweet!