Girl in the North is a lifestyle and pregnancy/parenting blog based in the North East of England.

I’m Katy, a thirty-something twin mum and I started writing a very early version of Girl in the North over seventeen years ago when I first got the internet. Having grown through life with me, the blog has featured everything from fashion and beauty, to events and reviews all whilst documenting my life.

I live in the North East with my husband, who travels the UK working in restoration. Day to day I work in events marketing and get to work with some amazing brands and people.


After getting married in 2016, my husband and I received the shock of our lives and found out we were expecting not one but two babies. I began using my blog to document my twin pregnancy journey and eight months later our identical twin girls, Edie and Mabel were born. Girl in the North is an outlet for my daily rambles and my triumphs and tribulations of being a working twin mum. I hope in writing it, others can find comfort and answers!


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