My Style Code – Stage 1

For a while I followed Helenlee (@helenleeloves) and was always amazed at the transformations she created with her Style Code sessions and when she got in touch and asked if I’d like to try one – that was simply an offer I couldn’t refuse. To give you a really good overview of my style and why I was in such desperate need I thought it be best to start at the beginning.

A little bit about me

Before having Alice I was pretty confident and I was in pretty good shape too. I loved shopping and would frequently be spotted sauntering around the Metro Centre or Newcastle City Centre. I lost quite a chunk of weight in the run up to my wedding; shedding 42lbs in 12 weeks to feel good and wear a beautiful dress on my (I mean our) big day. Whilst I don’t think I had a particular style I would happily buy the latest items and I loved a fashion magazine or too – in particular Look and Grazia were firm favourites in my house. I was also really into fitness; at the gym most mornings sporting bright colourful leggings and slogan tees.

Moving onto pregnancy I found dressing VERY difficult. I was huge, I mean colossal! And even if I didn’t look it I certainly felt it in every outfit. I went from roughly a size 10/12 to a size 16/18 and I felt uncomfortable most of the time. You know those beautiful pregnant ladies who look glowing and have beautiful bumps? Well imagine the complete opposite and you’ll see me! I don’t even have many pictures during my pregnancy as I just hated the way I looked.

Alice arrived and I pretty much lost over a stone in a day. Alice was 10lbs 2.5oz of pure perfection and whilst I was sore I felt like I could finally wear some ‘normal’ clothes again. I went out about 2 weeks after having Alice and bought some comfy trousers, new pjs and a jumper or two. This then became my uniform. I still was wearing maternity jeans for a good while longer than I should have and I just wanted to feel a bit more like me again. I rushed out and try to buy things to suit my new shape to hopefully cheer myself up a bit and would pick up items in my local supermarket, off ebay and in high street stores such as Primark and New Look.

Fast forward nearly two years later and I still don’t feel like I’m quite there. I’ve lost some of my baby weight but not as much as I’d hoped and my body is very different to what it once was so the same clothes just do not suit or at least that’s what I thought.

Talking to Helenlee first through Instagram I could sense that she was just a really lovely person and seeing the transformations she had done for other clients really surprised me. At first I thought it must be a good filter but as I was soon to find out she really can work magic.

Finding my Style Code

I arrived at Helenlee’s dressing room which is a beautiful space and my idea of a dream. Large open wardrobes displaying her own Style Code, a beautiful big dressing table and everything screamed STYLE. We started by getting to know each other a little over coffee and Helenlee told me all about her journey and how she had come to starting her business – what an inspirational lady! Helenlee asked me a quick questionnaire and I could see that she already knew the answers before I gave them but this questionnaire gave some insight into the type of style I was looking to create and what I would choose – ‘I knew it, laidback LA.’ This style is all about comfort, practical, everyday wear and tends to be the favourite among us new mums.

Colour Analysis

After establishing my style we moved onto a colour analysis. I think this was the biggest shocker of all. As Helenlee explained it’s all to do with the contrast between hair, eyes and skin tone. We spent a little time putting different colours and shades up to my face to get an idea of what colours I should be looking out for when shopping and others I should avoid. It’s also really important when building a capsule as you want to pick items in certain colours and styles to ensure longevity and value for money. Can you see the difference? This was using no filters or special camera angles just straight on with each colour. As you can see I’ll be avoiding orange in the future!

Body Shape

We then looked at my body shape. Helenlee asked ‘what type of shape do you think you are?’ my response was ROUND. I hadn’t really thought of what body shape as I was, all I knew was how to pick clothes to hide my entire body. I had previously thought of myself a little more hourglass from when I went wedding dress shopping but this is not the case. I’m a rectangle! And after pregnancy I was dressing more like an oval attempting to cover up in baggier styles and always opting for the size above because of comfort. I had taken some clothes along with me to meet Helen and we looked at the items I actually liked and every single item Helenlee could pull in and peg meaning I was definitely buying clothes a size too big. We put an outfit on and as I posed in her dressing room I felt instantly better, more confident and more put together and I think from the other ladies I’ve spoken to that have gone through this process this is something most have said.

When I arrived home I pretty much told everyone that would listen, explaining the process and trying to explain how it made me feel afterwards. One of the definite highlights was spending the majority of the day speaking positively about myself. When I go shopping I tend to feel rubbish by the end; that doesn’t fit, I look awful in that etc. but everything we had talked about was positive and the focus was on what I suited, what I could carry off and how moving forward I could have a wardrobe filled with beautiful items just like Helenlee.

Stay tuned for the Wardrobe Detox.

*for clarity I was offered the style code in return for a review and sharing on my social media

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