My Year in Review – 2019

I’ve neglected this blog over the last couple of months and whilst I’ve had loads of ideas I’ve lacked the motivation to get anything done! So I thought it would be a good starting point to get myself back into the swing of it by reflecting on the year that has been.

It’s crazy to think that tomorrow we will enter not only a new year but a new decade and to look back over the past 10 years it’s amazing to see the things I’ve achieved over that time. From meeting my now husband, buying our first home, getting married and bringing our beautiful daughter into the world it’s been jam packed! But if I looked at the entire decade, well we would all be here a very long time – so lets just look at 2019.

2019 – The Beginning

January started with a drive to put more energy into my blog and Instagram but also to get a bit of myself back. We spent our first proper night away together since having Alice and traveled to Leeds where I attended a well being event. Very apt for that time of year! It really boosted me to eat well, continue with the gym and I started to lose weight and feel much better about myself.

January also saw me celebrate my best friend’s baby shower at the fabulous Great British Cupcakery where we enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea.

I continued my healthier regime into February and was enjoying trying different foods and going to the gym. We also spent more times out as a family and enjoyed meals out, but as all good resolutions that soon came to an end. I found it hard to keep the level of motivation up and since I’m an all or nothing girl it kind of dwindled to nothing (monkey face).

March saw us head to Leeds to spend a night with our Mamas and Papas family. We had been on the parent approved panel for about 9 months at this point and were all quite sad it was coming to an end so thankfully the guys at Mamas and Papas got us all together! If you’d like to check out some of the work we did for Mamas and Papas you can see the video reviews here.

The next few months saw us getting more jobs around the house done and prepping for our first family holiday to Ibiza. We started to have some good weather and got some work done in the garden too creating a lovely outside space for us to enjoy and Alice to play in on warmer days. My obsession with plants continued to grow as well and I welcomed a number of new plants to the family as my new favourite place became Cowell’s Garden Centre.

My most liked post on Instagram this year! Alice’s Playhouse.

June arrived and we were off on our big family holiday to Ibiza. Andy and I had our honeymoon in Ibiza and with a short flight to a beautiful island we decided it was perfect to take Alice. Alice was an absolute dream on the flight and to be honest we were a little shocked. To hear people around us compliment her made us proper proud parents! I’ll have to pull together a little list of all the things we took but Alice by far had THE best holiday wardrobe and she had an absolute blast – we all did!

Back to reality and the second half of the year

After getting back from our holiday and getting back into our normal routine the months seemed to fly by and Alice’s second birthday was coming up. We continued to decorate the house and get bits and pieces done and just enjoy getting outdoors in the summer months.

Some of our highlights of the summer included;

Alice feeding the pigs on her 2nd Birthday at Ouseburn Farm
  • A day out at Exhibition Park including the miniature railway and ice creams from the cafe. (More information can be found here on North East Family Fun).
  • A rare date night to sample the menu at Tapas Revolution (full review can be found here).
  • Spending time at our local Saltwell Park and enjoying the play areas as well as feeding the ducks on the lake.
  • Christmas in July at Tyneside Cinema (read all about it here).
  • Having my Style Code with the fabulous Helenlee (blog post coming VERY soon).
  • Exploring the gorgeous Barker and Stonehouse store at Teeside Park.
  • Checking out camping gear for our adventures in 2020.
  • Chatting all things interior with Lisa Shaw on BBC Radio Newcastle and having my house shot with Beautiful Homes in the North.
  • Turning 31 and having a solo wander around Corbridge (this is the dream for any mum I’m sure).
  • Visiting Ouseburn Farm for Alice’s second birthday.

With Alice turning two now over with October was here and the year nearly over. Things with my blog and Instagram picked up and we seemed to be pretty busy going to different events and having the opportunity to create different content for brands. We tried to enjoy the late sunny weather and had a lush day down South Shields sea front in October. Enjoying Marine Park and having a ride on the ‘Choo Choo’ the sun was glorious and I’m sure we caught the last good day of the year. We took our 2 pences and played the machines, had a go at winning tokens and Andy even hooked a duck wining a prize for Alice. We then finished off with the best chips from Colmans.

The Final Few Months

With Christmas festivities setting in early in the Instagram world it was time to get the house finished and up to scratch ready to host our guests for Christmas. We also had a trip to Centre Parcs planned for the Winter Wonderland as well as several visits to see the big man including Raby Castle and Fenwicks. Illness struck our household around mid November and with a burst pipe at the same time it took us a little while to get into the swing of the festivities.

First up was our visit to the magnificent Raby Castle. I would definitely recommend for your festivities next year – the fireside stories was incredible. The setting really made us feel christmassy and Alice seemed to enjoy every minute. We then visited Fenwicks for Santa on the Rooftop and unfortunately I was a little disappointed with it this year; i’m not sure if it’s because there wasn’t much different or because we were rushed through the whole thing.

December arrived and we headed to Whinfell Forest. We went along to Centre Parcs last year at the same time and loved it. We took Andy’s Mam and Dad with us too as we knew they’d love it as much as we did. With Alice being a little older she was able to take part in the pony ride from Santa which she absolutely loved. We were also able to take advantage of Alice’s grandparents being there and enjoy a few drinks in the pub!

After getting home we enjoyed a lovely Christmas filled with our family and friends and are looking forward to another jam packed year!

It’s definitely had it’s ups and downs just like anyone but we’ve done so much as a family, it’s hard not to take away a lot of positives. I’ve loved every minute of watching Alice grow and can’t wait to see what she achieves as she reaches three year old. Here’s to 2019, a massive thank you to everyone who has followed along, liked and commented. I hope to continue to post (way more regularly) and show lots of different parts of our life.

Happy New Year from The Lisles


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