Budget Bathroom Makeover

Doing a full house makeover is only easy if you have a BIG money pot right? WRONG! Now I do think there are certain jobs you probably do need some money for there are others you can certainly do on a budget! For us it’s come to a time where we need to wind down with the DIY and take a break, so it’s quick makeovers I’m looking to do! Andy will of course be happy with this news but what will we talk about? Any suggestions please let me know.

Recently I started a little makeover on the bathroom it was grubby, outdated and it’s really seen its day but with no money to buy and install a new suite we thought maybe a little DIY would do the job.

I was tempted to paint the tiles after stencilling the hallway (another post for another day). However I wanted something a little lazier and quicker. I saw these self adhesive tiles in homebase and really loved the classic monochrome pattern and thought it would look great against the white suite and existing marble tiles. Super cheap at £15 for a pack of ten it only took three packs to cover the entire floor. I used scissors to shape around skirting boards, toilet and basin.

After the floor was laid I moved onto painting the skirting but something just wasn’t right and after contemplating painting the wall tiles we chose to paint the wall instead. The room doesn’t get a whole lot of light; it has no windows and only has some glass blocks to allow some light in. So we embraced the dark! We toyed with a couple of colours – navy, green or grey but decided to go with grey. We used mid grey matt emulsion from B&Q it covered really well in two coats and was the perfect mid grey.

A few accessories, a shelf up and a £1.50 jute mat from Ikea and the makeover was complete! I think it’s really changed the space. Is it perfect? No. But it’s definitely a heck of lot better than what it was. The whole makeover cost me under £100 including the accessories. A true budget makeover! Let me know what you think.

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