My Love of Frogtape

How to create gorgeous designs with a very small budget.
Sulking Room Pink by Farrow and Ball

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have spotted that I like to use frog tape to add a little interest to a room. And if you’ve been following me a while you’ll know I’ve been at it for a while now too! Alice’s room for example has those gorgeous layered mountains and I have a corner of pink in my living room. I’ve also just started on a little hallway update using the sticky stuff and it’s already looking great.

August 2019 Real Homes

I do love DIY and I think its great if you can create something unique on a budget in your home. I’ve put together a little HOW TO below of Alice’s layered mountain range as it was recently featured in Real Homes.

You will need:

  • Paint – I used 1l tubs from Valspar in B&Q and probably only used half the tin so you could probably get away with tester pots depending on the size of your design.
  • Frogtape – I like to use the yellow one for delicate surface so it doesn’t pull any other paint up.
  • A range of paintbrushes/rollers – it’s worth having a couple of sizes handy to allow good coverage up to the line.
  • An idea/design – I’ve put just random geometric shapes as a feature wall before or you can design something like the mountain range. Pinterest is fantastic for ideas.
Step One

Mark out your design. You can just do this by eye or if you want to get a super straight line you can use something like a laser level (I just got one of these and it’s my new love – sorry Andy). This bit can require a bit of patience and readjusting until you get it exactly as you want.

Step Two

Get painting! In a similar way to painting a room I would cut in using a small brush and then go over the larger areas with a small roller. Wait for the paint to dry as advised and apply as many coats as needed to get colour required.

Step Three

Now this is the hard bit, not in any actual difficulty but to resist peeling it off straight away. I just want to see it there and then. I would recommend peeling the tape off once the paint has dried a little but it is still a little wet. This makes sure you don’t pull off any dried paint.

Valspar Violet Ice, Cornforth White and Calamine by Farrow and Ball
Step Four

If you are planning on layering up then you need to wait for your first layer to dry completely and then start back at step one. If not, step back, pour yourself a well earned gin and enjoy!

The best thing about doing something like this is that it’s only paint – easily changed, updated or removed. It’s a really reasonable way to update a space in your home and allows you to try something creative. If you can think of anything Pinterest has so many awesome ideas! Good luck and happy frog taping.

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