Stripping out the new house

1930s renovation strip outAfter finally getting our hands on the keys, within 24 hours we were in the new house stripping out. We’re not living in the property straight away until some of the work is completed, so time is of the essence to get cracking so we can move in. J’s mum has had the girls for a couple of days this week so I’ve been able to lend a hand and it’s already starting to look a lot different.

Rather than a skip, we opted for a grabber to come collect all the rubbish today so we’ve been frantically pulling things out of the house left right and centre. Then yesterday, J and some of his team took down the wall between the kitchen and utility!

1930s renovation strip out

We started downstairs in the hallway, stripping the wallpaper and flooring – thankfully the plaster is in a pretty good condition so we’re leaving this and just decorating. As I mentioned in my previous post, we’re hoping to restore as many of the original features as we can to the property, so the boxing on the stairs is going to be replaced with traditional spindles.

We hadn’t realised when we bought the house, that in the under stairs cupboard there was a window! Our plan is to put a downstairs toilet in there and eventually move the boiler out of this space.

The living room at the front of the house isn’t in too bad of a condition either. If our budget had allowed I would have wanted this room stripped and re-plastered as there is lining paper on the ceiling but for now it’s not a major issue and is liveable. We are however restoring the chimney breast in this room and as a result I think the log burner is going to have to go temporarily. I’m hoping to have shutters on the window in this room and all the windows on the front of the house as they’re lovely and huge but really lack privacy.

1930s renovation strip out

1930s renovation strip out

Yesterday the utility room (which would have been the house’s original kitchen) wall was knocked down to make a big open plan kitchen/diner space. I popped in to see it last night and the change was amazing. We’re going to keep the old entrance to the kitchen in place and make this into a coat/shoe cupboard! By creating this cupboard, we’ll be straightening up a wall in the kitchen which means the current layout will accommodate more appliances than it previously had.

My original plan for the kitchen was to paint the cupboards but rather annoyingly I hadn’t realised a few of the doors were missing. I’m thinking the best thing to do might just be to wait until we can afford to replace it when we extend out.

1930s renovation strip out

Upstairs the entire bathroom was ripped out due to a damp problem. The old shower had been leaking water through the grout and though it looked like the old owners had tried to resolve it, it needed completely stripping back to the brick and drying. Within a day I’d noticed a huge difference looking at the wall and floorboards and the nasty mould smell had almost gone.

We’re going to re-purpose the toilet and sink in this room but have bought a new bath, shower and all new taps and tiles. I wanted something really simple in this room and I wasn’t too precious about it looking traditional so we’ve opted for matte black accessories with a white subway tile and grey grout.

In the three bedrooms we’ve removed the flooring and these rooms will be been painted neutrally. The walls aren’t in the best condition and the coving is horrendous but it’s liveable. Our aim is to get the rooms we spend time as a family in completed and then move upstairs. We’ve stocked up on Pure Brilliant White for the walls and I’ve been testing out Farrow and Ball’s Railings, Hague Blue and Downpipe for the woodwork but I’m totally undecided.

The house is feeling so much bigger now and as the drying out continues, much more fresh. I’m really looking forward to putting our stamp on it and moving in, in the next few weeks.


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