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Bathroom images from, and via my pinterest.

They say the best laid plans often go awry and that is so true in the cases of renovation projects. I remember with our first house, my plan was to pay to have the whole house white washed and then add to each room as I wanted. Long story short but changes in the government saw mortgage lenders panic and my great offer in principle suddenly went out the window and the money I’d saved towards this went towards a bigger deposit to secure the house. I ended up doing the work myself.

In our second home, the plan was J to do most of the work and we thought we had plenty of time to get things done before the twins arrived. The house was in a right state when we got it and then the twins arrived early… we came home from hospital to a broken boiler! Never the less, things got fixed but it wasn’t obviously ready on time and I definitely struggled in an unfinished house with newborn twins (If you’re pregnant with multiples… I don’t recommend a renovation project).

So we knew what we could be letting ourselves in for when we signed on the dotted line of our new home! After viewing it twice, we hadn’t planned on changing the bathroom but on the day we got the keys, J quickly discovered it was in a very bad state. He rang me on the way home from picking the keys up “bad news, the bathroom needs ripping out.” I was secretly ecstatic that we were going to have to change it so soon but also terrified about our small existent budget.

The layout in the bathroom wasn’t a particular bad one and it’s a good size family bathroom. We could have even had a separate shower if we’d chosen to but I opted for cupboard space instead keeping the existing plan.

We sat down with a Chinese together that night and scrolled through Pinterest looking at different ideas. It was actually J who pointed out some matte black taps and we rolled with it. I love white spaces but the old teenage emo in me adores black so we very quickly ordered new matte black sink and bath taps from I have always wanted a rain shower in our house so we splurged a little extra and purchased a matte black dual set. The sink and toilet that are currently in the house are actually ok quality so we salvaged them but so we spoilt ourselves by ordering an extra big double ended bath. I’m only petite so small baths don’t bother me but I can only imagine how rubbish it must be for J getting cold knees!

I’ve purchased some plain black vinyl for flooring – I’m weirdly a big fan of vinyl! A lot of people turn their nose up at it but it’s cheaper than tiles, easier to keep clean and much cheaper and easier to replace. Our plan is to install underfloor heating in the bathroom once we’re in the house so it’s a temporary solution to get us by.

The current towel radiator is chrome, so I’m going to spray this with some black radiator paint I picked up in B&Q the other day. I also have an old mirror in our loft which I’m going to dig out and as we already have a few hot pink towels, to add a pop of colour, I’m thinking of getting some more of these. I’m not sure if that’s too much or if I should stick with white but I’m going to try it!

The bathroom has had loads of drying equipment in over the last two weeks and on Friday had replacement floorboards and new plaster added. The new suite will be fitted next week and that gives me a few days to hurry up and make a choice on tiles. We know we want plain white but bevelled tiles are cheaper than the flat look we initially liked. I’ve got my hands on a few samples but I’m going to have a look in a other places over the next couple of days. So if anyone has any tile supplier recommendations – feel free to send them over!


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