Travel with twins – Lanzarote

Traveling with 19 month old twins abroad

Despite the fact it’s only been a couple of months since we hopped on our first long haul flight with the girls – it feels like a lifetime! Especially when I think about how much they have grown and changed since Christmas. They scarily seem much more like little people rather than babies and although they’re still not quite walking, it’s definitely not far off.

We were actually booked to go to Lanzarote with my parents, for my Mum’s birthday. You might think that we’re traveling with an extra pair of hands when we do that however my Dad is sadly now disabled and lost the majority of his sight after he had a stroke six years ago. My mum is his full time carer and traveling with a wheelchair user as well as a double pushchair isn’t the easiest of tasks! However this was the first time I’ve flown with my Dad where there hasn’t been any problems for him. We traveled and flew with Jet2Holidays and they really took the stress out of getting to and from places for him. They also really made traveling with the twins a lot easier too. All the staff were incredibly friendly (which made a pleasant change from our last flight) and helpful. We were given the option of when we wanted our pushchair and security in both airports was fantastic.

Whilst I love the Canary Islands (in particular Tenerife), I hadn’t been to Lanzarote since been a teenager. My brother booked the holiday with the twins in mind and chose a family friendly hotel, the H10 Lanzarote Gardens in Costa Teguise.

Traveling with 19 month old twins abroad

I absolutely cannot recommend this hotel enough. Although we weren’t on our first, it is the perfect hotel for going on your first trip away with a baby or toddler. Everything is designed around children and every room is a family suite complete with separate living area (which we used for the girls to sleep in), bedroom, kitchenette and large bathroom with a big balcony or terrace.

There’s a number of pools including a heated baby one, play grounds, and constant children’s entertainment, including a nightly baby disco which was the highlight of Edie and Mabel’s day! There’s three children’s clubs (which depend on age as to who goes where) and the twins attended the Daisy Club. It was far better equipped and much cleaner than many of the nursery’s I visited for them in England. Jam packed with toys and the option to treat it as a creche or as a playgroup.

I personally chose to stay with the girls but it was handy if I fancied a coffee, I could nip off leaving them to go grab one. The staff were brilliant with them and after their first hour, already could tell them apart and had an obvious connection with all the children.

We had a lovely relaxing week, eating lots of nice food and taking lots of walks by the sea. Costa Teguise is a lovely quiet seaside resort so if you’re looking for a nice slow week away in the sun, it’s perfect. If like J and I, you prefer somewhere with a little more going on then try Playa de las Americas in Tenerife.

Even the airport in Lanzarote is focussed around families and has a big soft play area to keep them entertained and tire them out before flying.

For the first time since the twins arrived, we’ve not got a holiday booked! This is purely down to the fact we’ve just bought a new house and so are trying to look after our savings a little bit. I’m hoping it won’t be too long before we can take them away again.

Flying was one of the things I was really worried about when I found out I was pregnant with the girls but I can honestly say I’ve really enjoyed it. We have a list of places where we’d like to visit with them including New York and a road trip around California, I’d also like to take them to the rest of Spain, Greece and Croatia… and I’m not sure if I’m been a little crazy here but I really want to visit Australia! I’d also love to take them on more road trips in England.

Whenever I post about our travels abroad, I always get loads of questions so I’ve started a new highlight called ‘twin travels’ on my instagram stories which includes my packing lists and any tips or tricks which I pick up. Fingers crossed it won’t long before we’re off somewhere warm again!

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  1. Charlotte
    February 11, 2019 / 1:37 pm

    Followed your Instagram for ages and even though I only have one baby the twin travel posts are the best advice.

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