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AD | I was kindly gifted these items when Edie and Mabel were born but Lansinoh exercise no control over the content of this post. 

I have had this post on my to write list since about two weeks after the girls were born. That’s nearly two years now – so if that isn’t bad blogger behaviour I don’t know what is! I actually wasn’t asked to write a review though, Lansinoh kindly sent the items through shortly after the girls were born and offered me help with breastfeeding if I wanted it.

In terms of feeding I hadn’t really planned anything, I’d wrote an anti-birth plan and was prepared to go with the flow. If I could breastfeed then I’d give it a go and if I couldn’t, I’d find the best formula I could for them. Various people had bought me bottles as gifts just in case and I’d took some nursing pads with me in my hospital bag but when it came to d-day and I ended up having an emergency section and been treated for third stage preeclampsia, I actually wasn’t allowed to try to feed myself. In fact I was so poorly, I wasn’t able to even hold the girls for the first day.

Once I stated to get stronger the meds I was on meant I still wasn’t allowed to try for to possibility of poising one of the girls and it just never happened for me. I didn’t let it get me down, I didn’t feel like a failure as some people say they do after they can’t… it just wasn’t meant to be and to me, a fed baby is a happy baby.

So I actually never got the chance to try the breast pump, or other breastfeeding related goodies they sent. Instead I ended up donating these to a local mum who I met on Instagram to help her out.

What I did try and absolutely love are the bathing products, eco-friendly wipes and the hilarious flying bath book! As per the picture, the twins were tiny dots when they were newborns. They looked like little aliens if I’m completely honest (beautiful ones of course) but they were all skin and bone. For the first couple of months we only used plain water to bathe them but once they started to put a little weight on and we started to establish a bedtime routine… I knew I wanted something gentle but that was lavender scented for them.

I actually tried the shampoo, body wash and lotion on myself before trying it on them. The smell and texture was so light, it was perfect for them. The Lansinoh Earth Baby Products are:

  • Made with organic and natural ingredients
  • Gentle blend for baby’s sensitive skin
  • With moisturising Aloe Vera
  • No artificial fragrances or colours
  • Dermatologically approved
  • Free from any nasties like SLS or Parabens and not tested on animals

It ticked all my boxes so we started incorporating this into our nightly routine. Combined with the fact the girls started to drink more milk in one go, the feeds stretched out and the stretches of sleep became longer. We’ve continued to do this all the way up until now (20 months old) and the girls adore bath time.

The Lansinoh Earth Baby wipes don’t contain perfume or alcohol, are chlorine-free and 100% biodegradable. I go through a LOT of wipes but I always try to buy these now if I see them.

As well all know by now, Edie is a massive book lover. Including in our little package was ‘The Flying Bath’ by Julie Donaldson which is a hilarious rhyming tale about you guessed it… a flying bath that goes on missions. Both girls love this book but Edie howls with laughter at it and carries it round the house with her!

I’d heard a lot of people feeling pressured into breastfeeding prior to having the girls and when Lansinoh emailed, they couldn’t have been nicer. They understood and listened and they were there if I needed them which I think is the best advice they could have given me. I ultimately didn’t have a choice but I still felt supported and not made to feel a fool of.

It’s a brand I now really trust and I recently discovered they do sun care, so I’m going to be ordering some for Edie to try as she’s allergic to a few brands as we discovered last year. If you’re struggling with any feeding issues, I’d recommend dropping them a message on social media as they were so helpful for me.

You can find lots of advice on their or find out more about their products here.

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