Identical Twin Diaries: 18 Months Old

I started drafting this post back in December when Edie and Mabel had just turned 18 months… it seems only fitting that it’s taken me until now, the week before they turn 19 months to actually finish it! This generally happens with most things in my life right now. I haven’t wrote an update post since they were 11 and 1/2 months, so I figured it was about time for a catch up.

Things I’ve learnt:
I’ve probably covered this before but the happier I am, the happier they are. If I’ve managed to get some decent sleep and wake up in a good mood, they seem to go with the flow and are happier and more chilled. Likewise if I’m struggling from a lack of sleep and spend the day wanting to hide, they are the most needy, loud and unhappy toddlers I could ever imagine!

Things I want to remember:
How proud they are when they achieve or even try a new skill. They’ve started to stand up without holding onto anything and both of them beam with pride then laugh when they wobble over!

I’d love to remember how excited they were in Disney World meeting all the characters – I had no idea they were going to react as excited as they did. And how Mabel adored the Donald Duck statue in our hotel pool!

They’ve recently started to squabble between each other over toys and if they get in each others personal space but they can also show so much affection. Only today it was freezing in our conservatory and Mabel went and got a hat for Edie, then went back to get her own with no prompts from me whatsoever!

Reading back over my routines, I cannot believe how much easier life is now! The girls wake usually between 6-7am and have 8oz of milk, breakfast is around 7.30am and then they usually have a snack at 10ish, lunch at 11.30pm followed by a nap around 12-12.30pm. They’ll normally wake around 2pm and have another snack and dinner at 4.30pm. Our bedtime routine is still the same, bath at 6pm, bottle at 6.30pm and in bed for 7pm.

Mostly both girls sleep 12 hours at night unless they’re poorly, teething or just starting to learn something new (like cruising). It’s amazing how quickly you forget how hard those newborn days actually are.

Around 12 months they showed signs of wanting to drop to one nap but it was a fluke. It really messed things up for a few weeks during the night until we went back to two naps. Around 17 months, they started to mess around before their morning nap and it was getting shorter and shorter so I tried feeding them lunch earlier and popping them down at 12 and it’s been like that ever since.

I found from the girls turning 6 months to 16 months really difficult. I touched on it, in this post and really made an effort to do more things for me and this really helped. Thinking about things rationally, J and I had made a few decisions which we thought would help us out but actually turned out to put me in a very lonely environment where I ended up been very bored. Now we’ve worked these things out we’re making changes and I’ve been prioritising me a lot more. I’ve got a new job, the girls have a new child minder, we’re moving home back into town and I’ve been making sure I take time out to do things I want to do… all of which is really helping.
I absolutely cannot believe that in six months time they’re going to be two or that I’ll be a mum of two two year olds! Another twin mum messaged me not long ago and said ‘the days are long but the years are short’ and it’s so true. Even now only 18 months in, I wish I’d managed to write more posts about them and that we’d taken more photos and recorded more videos.

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