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Out n About Double Nipper Sport Review

The pre-baby me always had this vision that one day if I ever had a baby, that I’d wander round Durham city centre popping into  little boutique cafes to meet friends for coffee. I saw myself pushing a petite little pram over the cobbles, maybe getting take out and heading down the winding path to beside the river for a long walk while the baby cooed away… how wrong I was!

Funnily enough whilst pregnant with the twins, I met my friend Katie one day for a cuppa at Flat White (a tiny little hidden away coffee shop on Elvet Bridge that does delicious pastries) and it was that day that it really dawned on me of how impossible my dream was. How on earth was I going to fit a double pram/pushchair through the door let alone along the back of the Cathedral to get to the riverside?

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you’ll know I like to try and overcome as many twin challenges as possible. I try my hardest to prove to the negative nellies out there that twin life isn’t that bad but this post is the one where I really cannot say that.

The choice of “buggies” for multiple families is growing but it is still very small. I have been lucky enough to have several pushchairs, none of which have been gifted but I have either purchased or been given by friends. I get asked daily by expectant twin mums on Instagram, ‘which twin pushchair do you have?’ So I thought a little round up of my thoughts on each one might help.

Bugaboo Donkey Twin Review

The Bugaboo Donkey Twin

The Bugaboo Donkey was my very first twin purchase. I bought it rather naively, shortly after finding out I was cooking more than one baby, at the Fenwick Christmas Family and Friends sale. From the little research I’d done at that time, I had worked out I wanted them to face me and I wanted them to be side by side, therefore I’d already cut my options right down. I’d seen an article on The Telegraph’s website that Bugaboo’s Donkey was one of the best twin pushchairs and given that it was also the only one which met my requirements, it was going to have to do. I gave it a little whizz round the shop floor, fell in love and the opportunity of a big discount tempted me.

18 months later and I can honestly say I still love this pushchair! It looks amazing and people always comment on it. It has huge extendable hoods which are brilliant for in the early days and naps when out and about. The girls have always seemed very comfortable and it pushes like a dream.

Bugaboo Donkey Twin in boot

However there were a couple of things I never considered during my short research phase, including if it would even fit in my car boot. I drove a Range Rover Evoque at the time which had a decent boot size but it was a military operation fitting the Donkey in. I actually never used the carry cots when I was out and about because it was impossible to get them in the car with the frame. It’s a very robust pushchair and I love it for that but that made lifting it in and out of the car even more hard work (especially in the early days after my section).

Bugaboo Donkey Twin Pushchair Review

My only other niggle with the Bugaboo Donkey, is it’s width. Whilst it fits through the vast majority of doors, it doesn’t fit through many supermarket check outs, garden gates or even my front door. Shopping with it is very difficult. For example if you ever want to visit the children’s wear section of Next (which is annoyingly always at the back of the store), you have to ask them to move all the ladies clothes stands out the way to make a path for you. Or I once had a rather embarrassing incident with a giant pyramid of Malteasers in B&M bargains. It does get slightly easier once you switch to the seats rather than using the car seat adapter or carry cots but it’s still too big for my front door.

For all my little niggles about it, I would still buy it again. I would just make sure my front door is bigger and my car boot is enormous.

Britax B Agile Double

Britax B-Agile Double

Nothing to do with the Bugaboo’s size but more to do with I didn’t want it thrown around in an aeroplane luggage hold, before our first holiday I did a quick search for second hand twin pushchairs. A twin mum friend of mine was selling her old Britax B-Agile which she’d used for holidays and it looked lovely from the photos I’d seen.

It was a brilliant choice for our first holiday. The girls were six months corrected age when we went to Tenerife, so they still laid flat to nap but were getting to that nosey stage where they wanted to sit up more and the B-Agile allowed that. I also really liked it’s hoods as the middle bit of the extended mode is mesh which was perfect for the heat.

The common theme that you’ll spot throughout this post is that most twin pushchairs claim they fit through ‘standard size doorways’ and I am yet to find out what standard size is because it didn’t fit through my front door, several shops and the hotel room door. It wasn’t really an issue at the hotel as there was an area where we could leave it during the day outside our room and we folded it down on a night.

If someone was to ask me would I buy it again then the answer would be, probably yes. It was a great second pushchair (my mum claimed it for a while) and had so much storage for our holiday.

Step2 Wagon Twin Trasportation

Step2 Twin Wagon

This one might seem a little off topic but it is one of the best things I have bought for Edie and Mabel so I had to include it. Shortly after our first holiday the girls started sitting up unaided and I spotted this Step2 Twin Wagon on my friend Erin’s Instagram stories. Since neither of my pushchairs fitted through my front door, this seemed like the perfect solution. A friend of my mum’s took the Britax B-Agile for her family’s holiday and this replaced it.

As well as helping me transport them around the farm, it gave them a little bit more freedom which allowed me to get on with various jobs knowing they were safely strapped in. It even has cup holders and I know that as they get older they’re going to love it even more.

ICandy Peach Twin Pushchair review

iCandy Peach

My cousin who is a fully qualified nanny and nursery nurse started looking after the girls for a couple of days a week while I worked when they were nine months old. Logistically the layout of her home meant a side by side pushchair wasn’t going to work, so I picked up a second hand iCandy Peach. I’ve hardly used this pushchair as it pretty much went straight to her house so I don’t feel I can comment properly on it.

The things I did love about it was that it went through tiny doorways with no hassle and looked very stylish. The bits I didn’t like included; noisy hoods (is this a thing or just the one I bought?) but if you extended the hoods they creaked and trying to put the baby in the bottom seat was a bit tricky without taking the top seat off.

The girls love it though, they napped well in it and on the odd occasion when I saw them in it, both of them seemed really happy peering out. If I could go back to my very first initial research phase when I was pregnant, I’d definitely look into tandems more now having seen the girls in one.

Britax Holiday Double Stroller Review

Britax Holiday Double Stroller 

After the success of our first holiday with the twins, we had booked our first long haul trip to the US with them. I knew I wanted something very small to take with us so we didn’t have to worry about fitting everything in the rental car and I came across the Britax Holiday Double. I prefer the look of a handle bar as opposed to umbrella handles so it wasn’t until I saw it for myself in Mothercare that I was sold.

Britax Holiday Double Stroller Folded in boot Review

It is tiny. It folds to the size of a backpack and fits through the smallest of doorways. It doesn’t feel as sturdy as the other pushchairs I’ve mentioned, the clue is in the name, it’s not suited for everyday use but for the short time I had it I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately early in October, our house was broken into while we slept and loads of our things were taken including my pushchairs. I’d only used the Britax Holiday a few times to go to baby sensory, the doctors and to the shops but it did make my life a lot easier. I wasn’t worried about fitting through doors, it popped up and down at the touch of a button and was really light. It would have been brilliant for our trip to Florida and I’m fairly sure I would have used it instead of the Bugaboo Donkey more as the girls got older.

Out n About Double Nipper Sport Review

Out n About Double Nipper Sport

I haven’t got a clue what version of the Nipper Sport I used as this was my sister in law’s pushchair which she lent to us. We took this to Florida since ours were stolen and it was brilliant! It was really easy to push and fitted through doorways (including my front door). Edie and Mabel always seemed really comfortable in it and I loved how easy it was to stash their drinks and snacks behind their seats.

Out n About Double Nipper Sport Folded in boot review

If you aren’t fussed about having your babies face you, this could be quite a nice main pushchair as the seats lie completely flat so it’s suitable for newborns. My only complaints about the Out n About is the hood isn’t deep at all which wasn’t great for the Florida sunshine. We actually had to hang our snooze shade half over to help shield the girls even when they weren’t napping as they’re at that annoying stage where they take their hats off all the time. My only other complaint is how big it is when folded! This pushchair is huge and although you can take the front wheel off and make lots of adjustments to squeeze it into car boots – I know I can’t bothered with the hassle every time I want it in and out the car.

Silver Cross Pioneer Travel System Review

Silver Cross Pioneer Travel System

Ok, so this one isn’t strictly a twin pushchair and it certainly isn’t designed for two. My Mum actually bought this pushchair when I first found out I was pregnant… I think the excitement was a little bit too much for her. Although it totally isn’t suitable for twins after a certain age, I happily pushed my two around in it until they were at least 20 weeks and I loved it. If I had my time again, I’d probably just stick with a single pram and then purchase a double pushchair once they were at that stage where they could no longer share but hindsight is a wonderful thing. If you’re having one baby or two and can get yours hands on one of these, it is lovely.

My overall verdict, I’ve really enjoyed using them all for different reasons but I’m yet to find the perfect twin pushchair. Considering I’ve had so many in a short space of time, it’s almost laughable that I’m now without one (cheers burglars). There were so many different ones in the theme parks while we were in Florida which I’ve never seen or heard of before. I checked out some of them and scribbled down names of brands on my phone so I could google when I got home. Apparently pushchair stalking is a thing though (according to Instagram) and it’s not just me who does it. If you have any recommendations of ones I should try next, then please drop me a message!

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  1. Rose
    December 13, 2018 / 12:07 pm

    We have a Joie Aire and it’s great for nipping to the shops or short trips. Impressed by how small the Britax collapses down. It looks tiny in your car. X

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