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Disney World Florida EpcotThe first time we flew abroad with the twins, they were only seven months old and I was really anxious. I worried about carrying milk through security and how many nappies I needed to take to see me through the week… it turned out I didn’t really need to worry at all. It was certainly different to holiday’s we’ve had pre-children but it wasn’t a bad experience. Since our week in the Canaries went so well, we took several stay-cations and road trips in the UK with the girls and my confidence traveling with them sky rocketed.

So after a successful short haul flight of four hours, we decided to book their first long haul trip to Disney World in Florida. As a couple we’ve usually travelled there in the September but decided to wait until November for the cooler weather and the chance to do some Christmas shopping! We also assumed the girls would be at least toddling around by now (16 months) but whilst they are still trying, it doesn’t look like walking is going to happen just yet.

Flying with toddler twins

Whilst I didn’t worry about formula or quantities of nappies this time, a whole host of new issues kept me awake in the nights prior to flying. How will they handle the time difference? Will two weeks abroad ruin their routine? Will they eat as they do at home or starve? I searched Google and found terrifying blog posts titled ‘how to survive long haul flights with toddler twins’ where they recommended I take an entire bag of snacks and x2 full spare changes of clothing in my hand luggage for me, each twin and husband and I had visions of both girls been sick all over themselves and us, throwing food at fellow passengers and screaming because we’d ran out of snacks from the gigantic freezer bag full I was supposed to take.

It didn’t happen… well, Mabel did throw a piece of cheese at the lady sitting behind who was thankfully asleep and either didn’t notice the lump of Cheddar on her lap when she woke or was polite enough not to mention it to me!

But, no one was sick on each other, I only took three Ella’s Kitchen snack pouches on the plane for each twin and didn’t run out and although Edie’s nappy did have a small leak, she survived with no leggings and just a vest for the last part of the 9.45 hours it took to get to Florida (thanks to a strong head wind)! They napped and played with the couple of toys we had with us, read the in flight magazine and watched the seat back tv.

Walt Disney World Florida Castle

Identical Twins Walt Disney World

Two weeks and two flights in the happiest place on earth is just too much to cover in one blog post, so I plan on writing posts about specific bits over the next couple of weeks/months/probably year knowing how little time I have to write now. However to give a quick overview of what I took: Out N About Double Nipper, Koo-Di Double UV Stroller CoverJem + Bea Marlow Changing Bag, Boots Soltan Sun Cream and to answer the most popular question I’ve been asked, our own car seats. We bought a couple of cheap bags for them from ebay and took them with us as it is very expensive to rent two in Florida. If you can manage carrying them plus your luggage, I’d recommend doing this rather than renting. I also took 1 pack of nappies, 3 packs of wipes and then I bought everything I needed in Walmart or Target while were away.

Disney World Character Meet Russel

Lots of people said we were silly for taking the girls to Disney when they were so young but it turned out it was the perfect age. They absolutely adored meeting the characters, loved the rides and devoured ALL the food put in front of them. I couldn’t recommend it more – we’ve now booked our next trip, another short haul trip away in January and have been looking at California for later next year.

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