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If I am brutally honest here, I have found the whole weaning / food process so flipping difficult. It wasn’t so difficult when Edie and Mabel first started with solids and would happily chomp away pulling funny faces but as they got older, there have been days where I would have happily ran away.

I think in hindsight the problem was more to do with me than them, as they’ve grown so slowly and I’ve always been a little bit paranoid about this. I have friends who have three month old babies who weigh more than them and this always lurks in my mind. Ultimately I’m very petite and always have been and have never been the biggest of eaters so that combined with them been twins, it shouldn’t really be much of a surprise. However I just couldn’t get my head around them cutting out milk and not seeming to be replacing it with food.

There’s loads of accounts and articles out there which shout about how fun ‘weaning’ is but quite frankly, I haven’t enjoyed having food thrown at me multiple times a day, the constant cleaning of bibs, babies and the kitchen – nor do I like cooking very much either. So maybe it’s just not my cup of tea!

I was feeling pretty miserable one day whilst cleaning the wipe clean mat which is supposed to keep the floor free from baby food when my phone buzzed with an email from Vital Baby. Did I want to try some products to help with weaning? Having children has taught me one very important lesson and that’s, that it’s ok to ask for help when you need it. So I replied pretty much begging for any help they could give me to avoid the multiple splatterings I was receiving several times a day. Despite doing baby led, I was also really bored of having to feed them because they simply refused to pick up a spoon or the food themselves – ultimately, I think I was just exhausted and it was getting the better of me.

I already had a few bits and pieces I’d purchased for the girls from Tesco and Ikea – they did the job as intended but were also able to be used as flying saucers. So when Vital Baby’s products arrived, I was really surprised. The spoons were a lot shorter, perfect for little grips and rather than a bowl which stuck to the table, there was a suction attachment which the bowl ‘clips’ into.

weaning vital baby spoons identical twin

weaning vital baby spoons twin girl

So we gave it a bash with some cereal one breakfast time and I dipped their spoons into the milk and left them. Edie immediately started using her spoon copying me while I ate my cornflakes. Mabel was a little slower but she watched shoving her hands in with the spoon and accidentally more than purposefully chucking them here and there.

Within a couple of days of using the suction bowls and spoon, they had the rhythm and I dared try a yogurt. It was a massive success! Since using the products, I’ve found it really interesting watching them learn and figure it out so much so that we’ve progressed to also using a fork.

Now they’ve started feeding themselves more and not chucking as much at me, I’ve been giving a lot more thought to our meals and what we eat. Their appetites seem to have really increased and they generally have whatever I’m having now which made our holiday to Florida a lot easier. I didn’t have to worry about taking any food with me, just a few snacks for the plane, a couple of spoons and then they tucked into our meals or we bought them a kids meal to share.

I’ve found loads of helpful information on the Vital Baby website and a starter kit is only £12.49. It’s saved me a whole load of money on cleaning products and a lot of time so in my eyes is worth every penny.

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