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myHummy soft blanket

After the four month sleep regression, Edie and Mabel were brilliant sleepers. We have a really lovely hour’ish long routine where they start by having a bath at 6pm, pj’s and a bottle by 6.30pm and go down to sleep awake but drowsy in their own cots by 7pm. It’s like clockwork and they did (emphasis on did) sleep 7pm till 7am for a long time…

It all started to go a bit fuzzy around their first birthday when they weren’t very well and they went through some sort of 12 month nap regression. We kept our bedtime routine the same and they never had a problem going down to sleep but suddenly we started having night wakings and their naps got shorter and sometimes were non existent. I’d put it down to them been poorly but it continued for weeks and I felt (probably due to the lack of solid sleep) completely clueless as to what to do.

When they woke they were obviously still tired and no amount of patting, shushing or milk seemed to get them back off to sleep. Friends and family had me convinced they weren’t eating enough during the day and so I tried giving them supper, more milk and slow release carbs towards the end of the day. It still didn’t work.

After a long sleepless night, I texted my health visitor asking for help. She came to visit me two hours later! The lack of sleep for so long had clearly got to me and I’d lost faith in myself knowing what was best. She gave me a pep talk and assured me what I was thinking was right.

So with a refreshed sense of confidence, I gave Edie and Mabel’s room a tidy up, cleaned everywhere and changed their sheets, up’d their sleeping bag tog and popped their new myHummy snoozy’s we had been sent in their beds with their comforters.

Until I had children, I always disliked white noise. I personally can’t sleep with the TV on and I don’t get a good sleep if I’m traveling but when the girls arrived I was willing to try anything. White Noise did really work for us at first though we never had much luck with The Sheep (you know which one I’m talking about) and he ended up in the toy box. However there were a couple of other white noise sleep aid’s we used which did help but nothing seemed to be working.

That day I went back to my old routine, two long naps, cut the milk down and though I can’t say our myHummy’s worked a miracle and they slept through – they did only wake the once! This was a massive improvement and I felt amazing after finally having some sleep.

myHummy snoozy

This continued for a couple of night’s and before long they were back to their usual 7pm til 7am sleeps.

One of the things I really love about our myHummy’s is the ability to leave them on continuous mode for up to 12 hours. They do have a sleep sensor which turns the white noise back on if it senses the baby fidgeting but I think they’d got to an age where they realised something was turning on and were curious what it was rather than it helping them nod off again.

myHummy snoozy

The girls share a room so we pop both the snoozy’s on when they get into bed but only leave the one of them on continuous mode which helps save on batteries.

The plan is for Edie and Mabel to start nursery in the new year and I plan on sending the snoozy’s with them to help them with their nap and also as a comforter. They already go to my cousin who is a childminder twice a week but her home is a lot quieter and calmer environment than the nursery they will be attending so I feel so much more confident about sending them now I know they’ll be able to have a decent nap during the day.

myHummy Features

  • The actual white noise device inside myHummy is safely concealed in a zip pocket
  • You don’t need to take the sound device out in order to switch it on and off – just a quick squeeze and they set off
  • Five different sounds to choose from: a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, ocean waves, rainfall and amniotic fluid with heartbeat
  • The sound gently fades out after 60 minutes without waking the sleeping baby
  • Smart Sleep Sensor – when baby starts to stir, whimper, or if there is an increase in the background noise, the device starts humming again (I personally think this is great for younger babies)
  • Non-stop mode for up to 12 hours (This is the mode I use with the girls now they’re a year old and to me it works best for them)

Along with our snoozy’s we were also sent the softest blankets I have ever felt. I used these on the Bugaboo before I got the cosy toes back out when it was just starting to get chilly last month and they are amazing. They’re so big too that I actually considered keeping one for me! Whenever any of my friends get pregnant I’m definitely going to be purchasing one of these as a present.

I’ve been really impressed with our myHummy’s so far and will make sure to post an update again in a few months. We’re off to America in a month’s time and I’ve been wondering about maybe purchasing one of their Sleepy Head’s for naps in the pushchair during the day. I’ve never used white noise outside of their room but I’m guessing with everything going on and the time difference, it might be worth trying.

There’s a whole range of different styles of myHummy’s and accessories available – you can view the full range here or find out more about how myHummy works here.

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