My great car seat debate…

Maxi Cosi Pebble Car Seats

I had very little knowledge of car seats when I was pregnant and to be perfectly honest, I still don’t. I find the whole combination, stage 0, 1, 2, 3 thing really confusing and I ended up buying a pair of Maxi Cosi Pebble seats for when the twins first arrived. The reasons why I bought them; I knew that the Bugaboo I’d bought came with a Maxi Cosi adapter and there was a really good deal on at Mamas and Papas which included free rain covers and backseat mirrors.

When the girls were here, I’d posted a picture of them online in their new seats with the handle bar back in the car (while stationary) and you would have thought the entire planet replied to it to let me know what a bad parent I was. I would like to point out I did put the handlebar back up before driving but it was the first time, I realised how much of a sensitive issue car seats were to people.

I was really happy with the Maxi Cosi seats we had but, although Edie and Mabel weren’t ready to move up in terms of weight, they are very long and started to look quite uncomfortable in them so knew it was time to move up. I asked questions on social media to other parents, visited various baby shops seeking advice and I’m still no further forward in truly understanding them. So this isn’t a post about the best, safest car seat I’ve found, it’s just about what I ended up buying, what I liked and what I didn’t and what I’m doing now…

Shortly after seeking lots of advice, I spotted these ‘mothercare madrid combination car seats‘ in the sale. They were reduced from £100 to £50, looked smart, ticked all the boxes and would last up until the girls were around 4 years old. I quickly ordered them fearing that they’d sell out and they arrived a week later.

We set them up rear-facing and when we tried them out, it was a little tricky getting the twins in over the seat belt. It wasn’t a massive issue and Edie and Mabel seemed to really like them. However a few weeks later, my mum came to the shops with me and she really struggled getting the girls over the belt and in the seats. She offered to buy us some new spinning seats and after a great discussion and a vote on stories, we purchased the Joie 360 Spin seats.

Now lots of people clearly love these ones and when they came they did look amazing. My Mum had purchased the Signature ones so they were a lovely stylish mix of black and grey with a brown trim. We fitted them in the car and attempted to put the girls in… both started crying. They looked very squashed with all the padding and we struggled to get them fastened in. The crying turned to screaming and I ended up taking photos which I sent to Joie for advice.

Joie did get back to me really quickly and advised me that I’d taken out the wrong piece of padding (the newborn wedge) and needed to put it back in. I physically couldn’t get the twins in the seats with it in though so decided to take them up to our local Mamas and Papas so they could take a look and advise. I was convinced something was wrong with the seats given the screaming match we now had every time we got in the car. The manager at Mamas and Papas was amazing and so helpful – she didn’t agree with the advice that Joie had given me. I won’t go into the nitty gritty details but I’d done what I thought was the right thing (removing the newborn wedge) and Mamas and Papas agreed.

Despite having a proper fitting, we still always had tantrums getting in the car from both girls. They did eventually settle on journeys but nothing like they had before in the old car seats. The straps continually twisted and made getting them in and secure even more difficult. The only positive I clung onto was that they were extended rear-facing and spun round. The seats had cost my mum £270 each so I really didn’t feel I could complain too much.

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know we were recently burgled – it’s been a pretty crap few weeks to put it bluntly. Lots of things were taken, along with our cars which contained the girls new Joie car seats. When our courtesy car finally arrived, we ended up putting the old seats I’d bought, in to take the girls out for a break from the house and I was amazed at the difference. We’ve used them on several short journeys and today on a long one and we have had zero crying or screaming.

I posted a little video on stories earlier today of our outing and within minutes had over 20 messages asking where the car seats were from. Despite how stylish the Joie seats looked, I never had that when I posted videos or shots of them. This post is not sponsored or paid in anyway, it purely came from the recent events that have taken place and I figured it might be helpful to some people.

If you want to find out more about any of the car seats I’ve mentioned, click the links below:

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