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Gummee Glove Teething ToysEveryone told me that teething twins was going to be horrendous… I kept waiting and waiting for some signs of teeth to appear and nothing seemed to be happening. Various family would comment when they cried ‘oh they must be teething’ but months later there still wasn’t any to be seen!

It wasn’t until just before they turned one in June that two eventually made their appearance! We’d actually been sent some teething toys from Gummee Glove months before this and the girls loved playing with them so thankfully by the time their teeth started to come through – they knew exactly what to do to help take the pain away.

Gummee Gloves were designed by fellow mum Jodine Boothby when her 10 week old started to gnaw down on his hands making them sore… so she cleverly came up with the idea of the world’s first teething mitten. I’m really pleased that we never had this issue – I’m not sure if it’s a twin thing but it took Edie and Mabel ages to put hand to mouth – but we still absolutely loved the gloves. If anything, the gloves helped them learn the hand to mouth action with their little sensory patch.

As well as a sensory patch, the gloves feature little chewable rubber patches and when baby is old enough, you remove the glove and just use the ring!

Despite the girls taking ages for their teeth to show, we took the gloves on holiday with us in January as a couple of our toys for the plane. They’re super handy just to pop in your changing bag and I actually used to clip them on to my keyring in the bag so I didn’t loose them.

The teeth are still coming so I’m sure we’ll be getting plenty of use out of our gloves. We were sent these as a gift but I honestly absolutely love them – if you’d like to find out more about Gummee Glove, you can visit their website here.


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