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People keep saying to me that time flies by once you have babies and they can’t believe how quickly the past year has gone since I had Edie and Mabel. In some ways, I agree… in others, I feel like it’s been a lifetime!

Perhaps it’s because they were preemie twins and they haven’t grown as fast as fast as some of my friends singleton babies but I feel like I’m waiting forever for the next milestone or for them to put on a bit of weight.

The girls started to sit up on their own shortly after our holiday in January and so we tried them to move them from their Angelcare Bath Seats to ones which we’d been kindly gifted from Safety 1st.

However although they don’t look it in the photo because they were still so tiny, as they were playing in them they’d suddenly move a leg and slump down into a really uncomfortable looking position (see Edie on the left for an example). So we went back to our old bath seats for another couple of months. Once the girls had put on a bit more weight, we tried again and finally they seemed to be more comfortable.

As soon as they were that little bit bigger they seemed to really enjoy the newfound freedom a bit more. The seats swivel round 360 degrees while they’re in them so that proved a fun game for the two of them and whilst our bath is always full of toys now, the seats come with a ball at the front to play with.

We’ve kept our routine the same but the atmosphere at bath time now is much more about playing and having fun using up the last of the day’s energy, whereas before they just used to lie back and relax.

To keep bath time fun, as well as the million bath toys they seem to have collected, I try to mix it up by using bubbles one night, or a bath bomb another. Recently I discovered Crayola Bath Chalks so we’ve been changing the colour of the water each night for a rainbow bath. And I am pleased to report it doesn’t stain babies or the bath hooray!

The seats have been fantastic for bathing both babies at the same time and are peace of mind when I need to grab something from the cupboard. It also means, if I am on my own during bath time – I can just get one dressed into their pj’s while the other one waits next to us in the bath and then the next baby follows.

Recently the girls have started to stand up and attempt to walk so this next stage is going to be much trickier. If anyone has any tips on making bath times more fun or for that transition period between baby and toddler, then please send me them!

Our bath seats are available to purchase in various colours, find out more about them at Safety 1st’s website.

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