Twins and a Sickness Bug

Clean cottage style kitchen

There’s really no nice way of dressing up the title for this post… it is exactly what it says it is. We had our first experience of all been very ill at the same time last month and clutching at straws, once I’d finally dragged myself out the bathroom, I googled ‘help, twins, sickness bug’ and nothing came up for me. I’m really not sure what I was looking for but it was probably just comfort to know that you can survive!

We’re not sure where we got it from but Edie was the first to get sick on the Wednesday and by the Friday night, we were all very poorly. It’s not something I ever want to go through again but having children raises the likelihood at some point I’ll have to. Having heard from other twin mum’s that it could easily be passed back and forth to each other, I (already having a phobia of vomit) became super paranoid and turned into even more of a clean freak than I already am.

Having said that, although I like to have things clean… I don’t wrap the girls in bubble wrap. I grew up on a farm so was always brought up in the mindset a little dirt wouldn’t hurt. When it comes to the possibility of getting a stomach bug the week after I’ve already had one though, that opinion changes.

It happened at a time when we didn’t have any help from family, so we didn’t have any option but to manage together as best we could. Once the twins were in bed on the Saturday night, I went for a bath and did a Tesco Online Grocery Order while I was in there. I bought Lucozade, diet lemonade (warm lemonade is great for taking away queasiness), digestive biscuits, bread and lots of cleaning products and booked it to arrive midday Sunday. I put a note on asking the delivery man to leave it outside my front door so I didn’t want to risk passing it onto anyone.

Despite having nothing to eat and only been able to manage sips of water, I think adrenaline had kicked in on the Sunday. I’d read on the NHS website that anti bacterial sprays and alcohol gels didn’t work on Norovirus so I used what bleach I had to deep clean our bathroom on the morning. I put all the towels and cloths from the kitchen and bathroom onto hot washes and steam cleaned everything I could. I use one I found in Aldi but my mum has this one and it’s equally as good.

Once my delivery arrived, I started deep cleaning the kitchen and then moved onto the bedrooms and lounge. I had read that you should just ignore the cleaning and washing whilst everyone was still poorly but personally I couldn’t do that. I did as much as I physically could to stop anything spreading. Once we all appeared to be on the mend, I tackled the toys. Anything plastic went in the bath full of bleach and anything soft went through the washing machine.

For day to day cleaning I absolutely love Method’s Anti-Bac wild rhubarb spray but for when I do a deep clean I love good old Demestos Thick Bleach. I leave it on my counter and table tops for five minutes to soak before removing and I think there’s nothing better to clean the floors with. If I want it to smell nicer I add a capful of Zoflora to it (my favourite is fresh linen).

I’m lucky that my brother in law runs a specialist carpet and upholstery cleaning company so I organised for him to come over and sort my carpets and sofa out. He’s one of very few who use a low moisture cleaning system which is incredibly important when it comes to carpets… if you add too much water or soap, you’re going to ruin it and it’s going to end up very stinky and mouldy.

To rid of any bad smells, I was lucky we were having a heat wave and could leave all the windows open but on an evening I lit a couple Price’s cooks candles. I get the ones in a tin as they’re my favourite but they also do jars and tea lights. Although I love a good Yankee Candle, I wasn’t ready to face any strong smells so these were great as they just eliminate any strong odours without the overpowering fragrance.

Thankfully, after a few days we were all feeling much better but we did avoid contact with anyone for the full week. Although been ill wasn’t the best, it did mean my house was absolutely spotless and I managed to get on top of the washing and cleaning for a change. Everyone kept telling me to just rest as much I could and pile all the washing up in the bathroom but I’m really glad I didn’t do this now. Though I hope we never get that sick ever again, being poorly is inevitable when you have young children and if I had any advice it would be to sip lots of water and try and clean as much as you can to make sure you don’t get it twice over.

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