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Leesa Mattress Review Twins

Our bedroom is one of the rooms we haven’t paid nearly enough attention to since we moved here. We had big plans when we moved in but there ended up been a lot more restoration required than we first thought, J got a lot busier than we expected at work and the twins arrived sooner than planned. So my vision of a dreamy, simple white and grey room with coordinating furniture went out the window.

Before the chaos began, we did manage to purchase ourselves a new bed but it was the only exception and our room still features lovely patches of bare plaster and lacks wardrobe doors. (You’ll see I can only take photos from one angle – I’m far too ashamed of the state of our wardrobe to share the other side.)

So when we were offered the chance to try out a Leesa mattress, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get the bedroom in order. I planned to have some painting done, remove the odd mismatched furniture and source some doors for the wardrobe before unboxing the mattress.

Turns out my husband had other ideas…

Leesa Mattress Review In Box

J was a little bit like a kid in a sweet shop when it arrived and before I knew it, the box was in the bedroom (far easier than dragging a traditional mattress through the house) and when I say it took less than a minute, I’m not exaggerating. No sooner was the mattress out the box and on the bed, it started to form into shape. I still can’t believe that a whole kingsize mattress fitted in that box.

The first night on our new mattress, I felt like I was on a cloud. Edie and Mabel slept through till 7am and it was a blissful night. Sadly, the heatwave hit us the next day and I haven’t spent anywhere near as much time as I would have liked in my bed since!

Which is exactly why I think it’s really important for new parents to invest in a decent mattress. I never realised how much I took a good night’s sleep for granted until I became a Mum. So whatever sleep you can or do get, needs to be good quality.

The heat is clearly bothering the girls in the middle of the night as they go down to sleep fine. The three premium foams for cooling, body contouring and pressure-relieving core support mean I don’t have this problem. My only sleep disturbance now is the baby monitor and the only thing I can really complain about the Leesa Mattress is that it makes getting up so hard in the middle of the night!

I’ve had a memory foam mattress topper in the past but this is a whole different ball game… the mattress moulds to your body shape and it’s almost like being cuddled.

Leesa Mattress Review Stripes

We don’t allow the twins into our bed on a night (I’m fairly sure this would have been a different story if we’d only had one) and we’ve been quite strict about this but now they’re crawling and moving around during the day, they do enjoy exploring our room. They came in after the unfolding and it seemed to be a big hit with them – I kept telling them not to get any ideas though! Hah!

Now all I need is Leesa to make a cotbed size mattress for the girls and perhaps I’ll get to enjoy mine for a little longer than four hours at a time!

Seeing as the lovely folk at Leesa understand how important sleep is to new Mum’s and Dad’s, they’ve kindly set up a discount code for £100. Click here to buy yours now and use the code GIRLINTHENORTH for £100 off!

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