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Teething… where do I start? To be honest, at the point when Matchstick Monkey got in touch with me via my Instagram, I hadn’t given the subject too much thought. Neither of the girls had shown any sign of anything appearing and I was sort of hoping they’d wake up one day with a full set of pearly whites. 

They’re one THIS MONTH (That’s another blog post altogether!) and at long last we have finally got two teeth! It’s made eating finger foods so much easier for them and they seem to be enjoying meal times a lot more.

The first tooth started appearing about three months ago – Edie was first and it came out of nowhere, then suddenly another one started appearing. I’m terrified to write this in case I jinx things but we had no problems at all! She had rosy cheeks on a few occasions but other than that she sailed through them appearing.

Mabel on the other hand really suffered. If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know how Mabel has always been the chilled out twin and nothing bothered her whereas Edie was a bit of a wimp. The teething process so far has completely changed them. Edie seemed to relax and become more of a people person, loud bangs didn’t scare her anymore and she went to bed with no problems. Our poor little Mabel became so frustrated and uptight though, she dribbled all over and had a handful of nights where she didn’t or maybe I should say couldn’t get to sleep.

Their Matchstick Monkey’s were one of the first toys they played with other than their play gym. I’d leave them lying around to the side of it while they were laid underneath and they took to them straight away.

If you’ve haven’t heard about Matchstick Monkey’s, then I pinched the following paragraph from their website because they explain the design far better than I can:

“Matchstick Monkey is more than just a toothbrush teething toy. It is specially designed to help teething babies, pass through this period with ease. You can soothe your baby’s sore gums as well as care for her new teeth with this amazing toothbrush teething toy.
Help your little ones overcome their teething challenges with this amazing toy that offers fun, comfort and act as a learning aid to babies from a young age.”

I know the girls only have a couple of teeth at the moment and Edie’s third is just on it’s way but I honestly do believe that they’ve massively helped with the process. On a morning, I pop a selection of toys into a basket and pop it between the girls so they can choose what they want to play with – they always go for their Matchstick Monkey’s first. If they have been a little fussy, then I’ve applied gel to the Monkey and it’s soothed them almost straight away. I’ve also popped them in the fridge over night so they’re nice and chilly on a morning for them.

Probably one of my favourite things about them was they were the perfect size toys to pop in my hand luggage when we went on holiday and helped keep them entertained on the plane.

Since we received our Matchstick Monkeys, they’ve also introduced a new range of other accessories including muslins, swaddles and a brand new dancing style monkey, all of which are cleverly designed to help with the teething process. I haven’t got any baby showers coming up but I know exactly what I’m going to be getting as a present when I do.

Find out more about Matchstick Monkey’s by taking a look at their website.

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  1. Anonymous
    June 7, 2018 / 12:53 pm

    Such happy little girls.

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