Identical Twin Diaries | Eleven (and a half) Months Old

Next week, the girls turn one… it feels like only yesterday I found out I was pregnant! I had a little read over one of my early twin diary posts when they were only five weeks old and I couldn’t believe how much things have changed. I look back now and I’m actually pretty proud of how chilled out I managed to stay through those first few early weeks.

Looking forward to next week, we’re planning a little close family get together for them. It’s mainly for our nieces and nephews benefit as opposed to Edie and Mabel, but as they’re too young to understand right now we wanted to mark the occasion so they can look back on photos in the future and know how loved they are.

We didn’t want to go wild for presents so I’ve bought them memory cases and have started collecting all the little bits and pieces they might like to have in years to come. So far I’ve added their scan pictures, the letter confirming their chronicity as mo di, a micro nappy I’d saved and their first hats. I’ve also copied a fellow twin mum friend, Kate and asked family members to write them letters for when they are older. I’ve added to this and asked all the younger ones to draw them a picture.

We’re keeping the day pretty simple and having some nice food, a cake and hopefully lots of photos. Lots of people keep asking me if I’m sad that the girls are getting older but I’m not at all. I’m so excited to see them turning into real little people. It’s quite funny how right we actually had them back in that five week old post… Edie still is the curious trouble maker whereas Mabel is happy to sit back and watch the world go by.

Things I’ve learnt:

    • Never leave a cup of water near a baby that you think can’t crawl that fast. You turnaround and they go like lightening!


    • Fresh air helps wear them out. I know they say to get out and go walking with the pushchair but when you have other stuff that needs doing, crack the windows open and let them play on the floor. The more air, the better they seem to sleep!


  • Not to be so scared of bending our routine. I was really worried about travelling last month and it messing things up in terms of their bedtime but it didn’t. Teething did a few weeks later but we seem to be back on track. *touch wood*

Things I want to remember:

    • How Mabel adores animals! She doesn’t care if they’re stuffed, real or just a picture, she gets so excited when she sees them.


    • Edie the adventurer! She is all over at the moment and I can’t slow her down – every day she seems to pick up the pace and find a new hiding place.


  • J flipping Mabel over in the night. Mabel falls asleep on her front but for some reason if she’s really sleepy, she doesn’t seem to be able to get back over onto her back like she normally can. So before we go to bed, J checks on them and flips her over in her sleep. She sort of realises what’s happening and her face is hilarious.
I’ve changed things up massively in the last month and it seems to be working and making my life so much easier! We’re still on four bottles of milk a day (7/8oz) and three meals but these are now at 7am, 12pm, 4pm and  just a bottle at 7pm.In the last week I introduced cows milk and today went to get some baby vitamins. They seem to really like the cows milk and it goes a lot quicker than the formula so my plan is to switch over now they’re so close to one year old.

95% of the time, it’s spot on and they sleep 7pm – 7 am. However we’ve had a lot of teething troubles this month which meant Mabel woke up a few times and couldn’t get straight back to sleep.

This has also massively changed and they seem to be in the process of dropping one of their naps. There’s been quite a few days where they’ve had a two hour morning nap from 10am – 12pm and then not bothered with one on an afternoon. I’m just taking their lead on this and watching for signs to see if they’re tired etc – I figured they’ll transition to one when they’re ready to.

Strangely the further down the line… the more ‘not me’ I’ve felt. I sort of touched on this in a post the other day but I’m making a conscious effort to put things right and get back to my old self.

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    Oh look at them!

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