Edie and Mabel’s First Birthday

Twins first birthday

They say time speeds up when you have children and it is so true – what a whirlwind of a year it’s been! Although Edie and Mabel are too young to understand ‘birthdays,’ we still wanted to mark the occasion, more so for their little cousins. We didn’t want to go crazy, so we just invited some family over for a barbecue and crossed our fingers the weather would be ok.

Turns out the weather was on our side!

We didn’t go crazy with the presents and bought the girls memory cases. I asked all their cousins to draw pictures and anyone who wanted to, to write them a letter to read when they were older.

twins first birthday

I purchased some beautiful Liberty Print party items from Meri Meri and found the matching party hats and bunting in TK Maxx.

We didn’t really have a theme – my style is very mismatched and quirky, so I just chose things I thought were really pretty.

twins first birthday liberty print accessories

Twins first birthday cookies

I haven’t baked properly in a couple of years but it is something I’ve always enjoyed and find really therapeutic. So while I wasn’t willing to risk it with their main cake (I roped my sister in law who is a professional cake decorator for that), I cracked on with the biscuits and cupcakes.

Edie and Mabel adore animals – so party animals from Bow Beaus were always going to feature. I wanted something they could keep forever and Mabel goes crazy if she sees pandas on the tv or in books. Edie loves a story called Hamish the horse and… I just thought the bunny was cute! Our cake toppers were kindly sent to us from a fellow twin mum who runs @Bubucaketoppers

Twins first birthday cake

twins first birthday party

Cake is life!

twins first birthday party

twins family first birthday

One of the best things I did was had my friend Hannah, come along and take photos for the afternoon. It meant I didn’t have to worry about capturing everything and could man handle Edie and Mabel who were sadly teething (as you can tell from the above photo).

A couple of people have asked me on Instagram about their outfits. The material was purchased from our local fabric store and my mum made them the bloomers a month or so back. I used some of the left over material to make their t-shirts myself.

It was exactly what I had in mind, nothing too planned, just family, friends and lovely things to show Edie and Mabel in the future.

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