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I started giving Edie and Mabel baby porridge and rice when they were around four months old, as they were showing all the signs that they were after more than just milk. They were already on hungry baby milk and whenever food was around, their faces were like the heart-eyes emoji… not to mention, nothing seemed to fill them up. So after a chat with my health visitor, I gave it a go and it was no surprise they loved it. It was around about this time that Oribel got in touch to let me know that they were bringing a brand new highchair to the UK and would we like to try it out.

We received them just before Christmas and assuming putting them together would be a complicated business, it took me just under an hour to convince J to get cracking putting them together. If you watch my instagram stories then you’ll know rather embarrassingly, it wasn’t that hard to do and he basically just took them out the box and slotted them together.

Up until this point, I’d been using our bouncers to feed Edie and Mabel whilst I sat on the floor. This was starting to get tricky as they’d learned how to bounce them themselves, so food was going all over. For the first time ever the girls were at a complete different height to what they’d ever been sitting on their own, without been held by someone and they loved it!

We’d been given the option of two colours, plum or grey and I decided plum would go best in my already multi-coloured kitchen. My only concern was that as I have quite a traditional cottage style kitchen, that they’d look out of place but actually they went perfectly.
One of the things that I really liked was they were suitable from newborn age and the cocoon style seat reclines and changes height depending on what position you’re sitting in. If you’re a soon to be multiple mum then I’ll warn you now – you’ll end up sitting in some odd positions to get two or more babies fed. I like to think of it as a game… a bit like Twister for mums. The bigger they get, the more challenging the game becomes!

The highchair also has the option of either a tray or a bottle holder which I found really useful for my mug of coffee whilst feeding!

As we’ve progressed through our weaning journey, I’m doing my own thing as usual and combining baby led with spoon fed. After baby porridge and rice, I introduced vegetables to the girls first and would have a piece of broccoli for them to try along with a pureed version. I’m aware most people pick one or the other but to me this seemed the most logical way to teach them about food and also get them to actually eat something.

They seem to really enjoy this and now they’re eating three meals a day, it’s working out really well. It obviously can get a bit messy but I found some plastic coverall bibs in The Pound Shop and once we’re finished causing chaos in the kitchen, I just remove the top tray, given it a wipe (or sometimes shove it in the dishwasher – anything to save a bit of time) and then replace. On a weekend because I can at times be a bit of a clean freak, when I’ve had more time as J is at home, I’ve taken the other part of the tray and given it a deep clean. I’ve never needed to yet but even the foam seat is removable to make sure you get into all those hard to reach places.

Mabel’s favourite part of the highchair and I’m still not sure why this is so entertaining to her, is the magnetic tray. So when you’ve finished, the tray removes and magnetically sticks on the back of the highchair legs – she can see Edie’s and she goes crazy giggling when I attach and remove it. I personally don’t find it quite so funny but it is rather handy to keep it out of the way or if you’re using the bottle (coffee mug) holder instead.

The only slight issue I have with the highchairs is that despite having a decent sized kitchen, they aren’t the smallest and do take up quite a bit of room when they’re both out. We luckily have an old boiler cupboard where they could be stored when not in use but given that we’re on three meals a day now, I don’t tend to bother. However they feel incredibly robust, I don’t leave the girls in them on their own for long periods of time but I do put one of them in and feel confident, leaving the room to go get the other whilst a few other highchairs we’ve tried I would never dare do this with and have no idea how I’d manage when I’m on my own.

I really wish I’d had these highchairs sooner now. They are a perfect solution for twin mums who have tiny babies as they tilt into three positions, so can be used from birth – really handy if you’re on your own and need to feed two babies at once – right up until they can use an adult seat.
Meal times, despite the mess have become one of my favourite times with the girls, especially breakfast and lunch. I love eating meals with them and it’s fun seeing them discovering new tastes and textures.

You can find out more about the Oribel Cocoon here and they’re now available to purchase in the UK and you can find them for £135 on amazon here.

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  1. Hannah
    May 16, 2018 / 9:50 am

    I’ve actually been looking at these recently and I think you’ve definitely swayed my decision. They look fab in your kitchen!

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