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Amy, otherwise known as @thetriggertwins on Instagram posted a fantastic feature the other week showing a day in her life with twins and I absolutely loved it. I find it really helpful seeing what other multiple mum’s get up to during their days and so I thought I’d join in on Monday and post mine (I’ve popped it in my highlights for anyone who missed it). I’ve had this post planned for a few weeks since I received the photos but I thought now seemed a fitting time to also share our ‘Day in the Life’ photoshoot with Angela Fenwick.

Angela got in touch and asked me if I’d be interested in collaborating together and having some photos taken. I pretty much bit her hand off! You may remember another lovely photographer, Becky, took the girls photos when they were newborns but they have changed so much since then and developed the funniest personalities so I really wanted to document this and our everyday life.
Angela’s, Day in the Life shoots are literally just that… she comes along armed with her cameras and blends into family life while you carry on your day as you would normally. Perfect for someone like me who gets really awkward on camera! 

Angela visited us on a Saturday, when Jason was home rather than at work and our weekends are incredibly different to our weekdays. Saturdays are usually very relaxed days where the two of us will feed and change them together before heading out somewhere for a walk or to do some shopping. Winter seemed to return the Saturday Angela visited and so we ended up staying in and playing for the day avoiding the bad weather outside. 
One the things I love about Angela’s photos is they capture really ordinary moments but ones that are so special to me. I absolutely love feeding the girls their breakfasts on a morning. They wake up in such happy moods on a morning and they look hilarious with plastered purée all over their lips, chomping down on chopped fruits. They giggle away while I clean up the floor from their spillages – I’m not sure why it’s so hilarious to them but they love it and I know when they’re older, breakfast time with them at this age is one of the things I’ll miss the most. 
Our morning routine is one of the first things I feel like I nailed as a mum and I became much more confident as a  once I’d figured it out. After a bottle and breakfast, I get the girls ready for the day in the living room. They have a wash, change into their clothes, playtime/floor time followed by a story then their nap. They adore books and will lie intently next to me concentrating on the pictures and giggling away.

On weekdays, I put the girls down on my own but on Saturdays we’re lucky enough to have J help. Lots of people ask me what I do to get them to go to sleep and the answer is nothing. It took us a while but after doing my own version of sleep training (I couldn’t bare cry it out) which I’ll discuss in another post, all I do is pop them in their sleeping bags and leave them. They usually nod off within five minutes if not before. 
The day flew over while Angela was with us and before I knew it, it was lunch time. After another bottle, I give the girls a meal around an hour later. I try and give them something savoury, a purée and then some solids. Edie devours fruit whereas Mabel is clearly a snacker – she demolishes carrot crisps and wafer biscuits. After lunch is when we’d generally head out for a walk, usually to collect the eggs from our hens and have a wander around the farm but it was so cold and the wind was blowing a gale so we didn’t get very far that day.

One of the things I was desperate to capture was their personalities. Edie is so hard to please but in the funniest way, she sums people up for quite a while before smiling, whereas Mabel laughs at almost anything and is a strangers best friend in seconds. 
The time between 4pm and 6pm is always the hardest for me. I think it’s because the girls are tired and usually on a weekday, I’m ready for J to come home and help. I try to fill those couple of hours with play and floor time, moving between the bouncers, the ball pit and floor to avoid the girls getting bored. It’s very rare for me to have the tv on during the day but we usually pop CBeebies on around now ready for the bedtime hour. It occupies them while I get the their milk, pjs, vests and other bits and pieces ready for the night.


I think Edie and Mabel use the bath as a last attempt to rid of any energy they have left. They go crazy kicking and splashing each other and us. Once they’re up and out we give them a little massage with some plain oil, pop on their clean vest and pj’s followed by a bottle of milk. Just like at nap time, they go into their sleeping bags in their cots and within around five minutes, they’ve usually dozed off for the night. 
I was a little worried that we are quite boring, our daily routine is quite monotonous but I’m so pleased with how the photos turned out. They were only taken a few weeks ago but I’ve loved looking back over them and noticing how much the girls have already changed. I’m having them all printed to go into an album as I cannot pick only one or two that I want to be framed. 
Angela is based in County Durham but works across the North East offering a range of newborn, family and day in the life shoots. You can find out more about her work by taking a look at her website here or drop her a message about having your own photoshoot here.

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