Identical Twin Diaries – Nine Months Old

The girls turned nine months last week but I’m only just getting around to posting this now… It’s a common theme with most things in my life nowadays! Sometimes I have to pinch myself because it often feels like a bit of a dream and the last nine months have gone by so quickly that it can’t possibly have happened.

Over the last couple of weeks the girls have changed a huge amount each day; Edie’s hair seems to have sprung out of nowhere, both are desperately trying to crawl (and failing at present), Mabel woke up on Sunday morning and started saying ‘Babababa’ and Edie joined in by whispering ‘Dadadada.’ Then just this morning as I went in to get her out of bed, she started saying it out loud. It’s so hard to believe they were tiny babies who didn’t fit in preemie clothing nine months ago.

Things I’ve learnt:

  • Babies have a sixth sense. On the days I’m more relaxed – so are they. It sounds so obvious but on days where I’ve had a cold or not slept well the night before, they become so needy and moan constantly.
  • They definitely know more than they let on! Sometimes they do things that astound me. Mabel hides carrot crisps down the side of the highchair so she can eat them later, knowing I’ll forget and give her more.
  • People can be so rude without meaning to be. This is the ultimate bugbear of all multiple mum’s I’m sure, but yes they are twins, yes they were natural, no they weren’t planned and no their identical girls, not boys or one of each. My hands aren’t full and they are not ‘hard work.’ The ‘oooh I bet they’re hard work comment’ drives me nuts, because it implies having one is easy which I’m sure it is not.

Things I want to remember:

  • Both are now sitting when helped up and both can roll back to front… they did one day master the art of rolling back and I spent an entire afternoon chasing them round the lounge but the next day, they totally forgot how to do it and haven’t since!
  • I’m not sure what Edie is trying to do but she gets on her front and all her limbs go in all directions. She looks a bit like a seal and everytime I try and capture this on camera she stops.
  • Considering the fact they are genetically identical, they look totally different. Mabel has a slightly wider forehead, an extra crease in her eyelid and a little nobble on her ear. Edie has LOTS more hair, which is like Jason’s and is totally uncontrollable.
  • How cute they when they hold hands! A lot of people ask me if they interact with each other and they do to an extent. They seem to like been close and touching each other and they’re clearly aware of each others presence but they don’t really have a chat or play together just yet.
  • Sneaking in on them. They now sleep 7pm – 7am at night and before I head to bed, we sneak into their room to ‘check on them.’ I say ‘check on them’ but we might go in a few times. There is nothing cuter than a sleeping baby.

Our routine consists of four bottles of milk a day, around 7/8oz and three meals. I do a combination of puree and baby led for them and it seems to be working. In the last couple of days their appetite has increased and they’ve doubled the amount of food they were having. I’d love to say that I make everything fresh but I’m all for an easy life… I use pouches and then just give them bits of whatever I’m having.

I hate writing about this in case I jinx it but they now sleep for 12 hours straight at night. With the exception if they’ve been poorly or had a nightmare however I go in shush them and they go back to sleep. It’s very rare one wakes the other.

They take two naps a day: one in the morning and one in the afternoon, which tends to be slightly longer. If we’re out and about, they sometimes doze off in the car but generally it’s only on a long journey that happens. Whenever I can, I try and let them nap outside in the fresh air. I wrap them up and pop them in the Bugaboo in our garden.

In the last couple of days, I’d had an issue getting them to nap in their cot and was a little worried, that I’d be sat in the pouring rain outside while they napped from now on however after posting about this on Instagram, I had an idea and it turns out Edie prefers sleeping on her front. Her fussiness was because she was trying to turn over, so I’ve been leaving her a little longer and off she goes once she’s got herself comfy.

I realised the other day I stopped writing about how I felt when they were born and hadn’t really mentioned my recovery or anything else. At nine months postpartum you won’t be shocked to know I feel physically fine most of the time!

I was warned by the doctors, it was possible I would suffer from migraines after the preeclampsia debacle and rather annoyingly they were right. I’ve only had a couple but it’s tended to be if I’ve been about to come down with a cold or if I’ve been quite tired. Despite the fact the girls sleep really well at night, my days are still long and entertaining them takes a lot of work!

Physically, I hadn’t really put on ‘weight’ while I was pregnant. I was ‘all baby’ as they say and I think this was down to the fact I stayed really active and ate healthy meals. My body has changed though and I’ll admit, I’m not overly happy about it but it’s just something I’m trying to accept and get on with. Hopefully as time goes on and now the nights are lighter, I’ll be able to get out for a run more often.

My maternity leave is now officially over and thankfully I was already in a fortunate flexible position working for our family businesses and myself. I love working and although I enjoyed been off with the girls, I’m so excited to get stuck into lots of new projects.


  1. Anonymous
    April 29, 2018 / 6:04 am

    Did you have your girls in Durham? I had my little Mabel Edie on the 20th of June 2017 and the day I was discharged they said twins with the same names had be born 😊. Great minds! Your girls are lovely xx

    • April 29, 2018 / 6:24 am

      I did! I seem to remember them saying they’d never heard the names before and then there was a little girl a few days earlier had both names! But to be honest, I was so poorly those first few days it was all a blur! Hope your little one is doing well x

  2. Anonymous
    April 29, 2018 / 6:38 am

    I bet!!! Your delivery sounds totally traumatic.
    I had an pre eclampsia with Mable's big brother Chester a few years eariler and his entrance was very dramatiC and a little scary.
    Not sure how anyone manages with twins two at different ages is hard enough. Massive respect to twin mammys.
    Hope you are enjoying your journey with Mabel and Edie xx

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