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It’s always really nice to be contacted by a brand that I really love and then given the opportunity to work with. When Sudocrem got in touch about their new Care and Protect cream, it couldn’t have come at a better time. It was actually nearly six months ago, when Edie and Mabel had just come out of hospital and we’d been home for a couple of weeks.

All the advice I’d received up until that point was to avoid using any lotions or creams and just use cotton wool and water… which I did for a while, until I realised what a faff on that was. At first, like any new mum I’m sure, I did as I was told and followed ‘the guidelines’ but it wasn’t long before I got sick of kicking over various tupperware dishes of water all over the carpet and finding cotton wool balls everywhere. It also wasn’t long before one of the girls got a very small sore patch. Preemie babies obviously have very sensitive skin and I dug out a tub of Sudocrem that I had in the bathroom.

The original Sudocrem is a medicated antiseptic cream to treat nappy rash and it worked like a treat sorting out that sore spot. Prevention surely is better than cure, I thought to myself and I decided to keep applying it on both the girls. Then as if someone had heard me, an email pinged into my inbox about Sudocrem’s new Care and Protect cream which is designed purely for this purpose.

Containing vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5 to protect baby’s most delicate areas, the cream is a lot thinner than the original and rather than a tub, it’s in a handy tube. Obviously given the fact that I have two babies, I do go through it a lot quicker than a singleton mum but a little goes a long way.

The size of the tube also makes it really handy for carrying around in my changing bag and the cream itself has a lovely smell to it. In a blurry eyed moment of sleep deprivation during the four month sleep regression, I accidentally picked it up thinking it was my hand cream. Thankfully the result was really nice, unlike when I brushed my teeth with my moisturiser.

I’ve been using the cream since that point, so nearly six months and neither one of the girls have had any sore spots again, nor had any nappy rash. Depending on whereabouts you shop Sudocrem Care and Protect is priced around £4.29 for 30g or £5.99 for 50g. Other cheaper creams are available but to me, this is my go to. So much so that I stocked up in Sainsbury’s (good old nectar points) and now have several tubes lying around the house.

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  1. Alison
    January 9, 2018 / 9:10 am

    I've used the original for years and love it. It's really good for spots too.

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