Whisbear Review: My Newborn Sleep Saviour*

Thursday, 7 December 2017

My last couple of posts have been about the girls sleeping patterns and now we’re out of the dreaded four-month sleep regression… I thought it was a good time to write about their newborn sleep.

We’ve received quite a few nice things to try out for the twins since they were born but by far Whisbear has to be one of my favourites.

I was admittedly a little hesitant at first… I was a little worried that Edie and Mabel would become reliant on white noise to be able to fall asleep. White noise is something, which Jay needs to fall asleep to and I personally can’t stand.

Whisbear arrived the day before I went into hospital. I put him with a pile of the girls things in their room and headed for my routine appointment. Little did I know, the next time I’d walk in that room, I’d have my twins in my arms!

We left hospital in a pretty good routine and on our first night at home, it all went out the window. Rather than trusting our instincts, we followed ‘the guidelines’ and I’ve sharp learnt that guidelines are just that – not hard and fast rules.

Now I wasn’t so na├»ve to think I’d have newborns who would sleep through the night but I had planned on keeping them on the same schedule. Not to mention I never realised how noisy babies were when they slept. Of course like most new parents I was very alert to their noises but I actually recorded them one night and played it to family members (who’d already had several children) and even they were shocked. It suddenly felt like we were all over the place and after a couple of days of barely any sleep, I was wondering what to do.

I decided to make a plan to get us back on routine… so I dug out Whisbear and sent Jay to the shops for emergency batteries!

Whisbear, is by far no ordinary bear. He’s cute in a completely unconventional way and plays a continual shhhhhhhh noise for up to 40 minutes. The bit I love most about him though, is his cry sensor. So sensitive that even the smallest of trumps from a babies bum will set him off.

He was my wildcard and he worked.

I had my alarms set for every three hours but I planned on making use of those precious minutes between for some much-needed rest. I decided to move the girls into their own room on a night and made a bed for myself so Jay could have our room as running a family business meant he was soon back at work.

On a night Edie and Mabel shared a cot back then sleeping next to each other on cosy dream supporters whilst during the day they slept in moses baskets in the livingroom. On the first night of our new routine I placed Whisbear between them, set him off and the silence was golden. It was almost like they were asleep but in tune listening to him. The slightest noise from one of them caused him to set off again, resettling them so I didn’t even have to move. I finally managed to get some decent sleep and woke up for the next feed feeling of course, like any new mum tired but not exhausted. 

Whisbear worked like a dream. He became part of our routine and the girls seemed to realise he was a signal for sleep. They cut down feeds dropping them one by one over the nights and began sleeping through…

Then the four-month sleep regression hit us (see my last post for details). Admittedly our little bear couldn’t help change science and the girls went through a rough patch. I honestly believe that our solid routine and Whisbear helped get us through it.  They’re thankfully now out of it and sleeping through again – I’m already drafting part two of my post about how we survived this horrible month with virtually no sleep.

I kept Whisbear as part of our routine throughout the regression and he’s back working his magic. They now have separate cots but the slightest whimper from one of them and he begins to shush.

We did on occasions try other white noise products but had no such luck with these. In my eyes no one compares to Whisbear.

Obviously we were sent Whisbear to review and received the product free of charge but as with all my posts, these are 100% my honest opinions and I would recommend anyone expecting to give him a try. He is by far the best white noise product I've come across and I'm so thankful to have him. His batteries ran out a few weeks back and I now have an emergency battery drawer dedicated purely for him – as you can tell, he holds a special place in my heart.

If you're interested in finding out more about how Whisbear can help your new baby sleep then take a look at their website. They also have a fantastic competition running at the moment to win the ultimate sleep bundle - check out their facebook page for details. 


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  1. This thing is awesome. My son loves it and it calms him and helps him sleep at home and on the go!


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