Identical Twin Diaries: Twenty Weeks Old

I’ve been trying to write this update post for the past six weeks! That kind of explains how crazy our lives really are at the moment. I feel rather annoyed at myself because I was looking back at my last update post about the girls and they’ve changed so much and I know I’ll have forgotten lots of details that I really wanted to remember between then and now. However it does seem really fitting to be writing this a whole year after I found out I was pregnant. One year ago today, I was panicking about having one baby and now I’ve got two! 

My days now seem to pass by in a complete blur but during them, the hours pass by so slowly. It’s amazing waking up every day and noticing changes in both of the girls. Since I last wrote they’ve piled on the pounds. Mabel, our tiny twin 2 has over taken Edie by an oz and they’ve steadied off there. Despite their identical genes, they are far easier to tell apart than ever before. Although if they’re wearing a hat or a hood – I have no idea! 
From about 9 weeks old, things got a lot easier and I started to really enjoy been a mum. They began to smile and coo and drop feeds – all making my life a lot more restful. They even slept through 7-7 for a few nights! This honeymoon period didn’t last for long and by the start of October when I was planning on heading to go back to work for a few days (to gain a bit of the old me back), it went horribly wrong and I’m not even sure why still.
We ended up having to do quite a bit of work on the house again (as you’ll see from the first photo) which meant spending days out and coming in late. I originally put it down to this as we were completely out of routine and the girls who are clearly home birds didn’t seem too happy. Once back in the house, things didn’t get better and they started waking more at night. I hadn’t needed to use pacifiers with them until this point and they never accepted one until this point. A dummy didn’t help, we tried swaddling, un-swaddling and no matter what they still kept waking up almost every hour. Someone suggested if it was because they were going through a leap and other people talked to me about the four month sleep regression and I guess it could be that but they still *touch wood* go to bed so easily on a night. It’s purely the waking every hour on the hour from midnight which is confusing me. Perhaps it was because I was so smug about them been good sleepers in the early days…
The lack of sleep makes the days really hard now. It’s hard to function anyway when you’re surviving on a couple of hours anyway but trying to entertain two babies while feeling like the walking dead – it’s hard and I’m not going to lie. 
They make up for it in other ways however, they smile a lot now, hold hands together, have little ‘chats’ with each other and have recently started laughing. These little things get me through the day and I try my best to get out as much as I can with them, even if it’s just down to the local shops. 
This waking up thing is just a phase though and although right now it feels like the longest phase ever, I’m sure in a couple of weeks I’ll be looking back and thinking where did the time go? 
Things I want to remember:
  • I was never one for believing a baby should be left in front of the tv however when you have two, sometimes your values have to slip a little. Jay had Toy Story on one day and it caught their attention. Edie gets really excited when Buzz comes on the screen and as much as it’s nice to believe she knows who he is… it must be something in the colours because she also gets really excited for Sully from Monsters Inc and also if she notices when Jay watches the football.
    Mabel on the other hand is soothed much more by the music and if she’s fidgety the Moana soundtrack will buy me some time. 
  • Despite the frequent waking during the night time, we have started working on our naptime routine. People keep telling me if the naps are good then the nights will be too. As mentioned above a fellow twin mum advised me to put them  We’ve made good progress and I can almost tell my the minute when they need to go down. They don’t nap for long but we’re getting there. 
  • The way their laughs sound. I’ve recorded it a few times on my phone just so I can listen to it in the future. Mabel used to make the funniest noises when she was been winded when she was tiny and I’m so annoyed I never recorded her. Although I’m sure she’ll be glad when she’s older.
  • They have a different kind of smile in the middle of the night… it’s cheeky and they look at you all beaming. As annoying as this is at 2am, 3am, 4am, it’s also the cutest thing and makes your heart melt. 
  • How cute they are when they talk to each other. I’ll never forget the day they recognised each other. There’s always been a closeness but we had them sat upright and they started smiling and cooing at each other. Mabel looks at Edie adoringly, while Edie is a little bit more reserved.  

Things I’ve learn these past few weeks:
  • If anyone tells you to sleep when the babies sleep, try your best not to punch them, calmly thank them for their advice, walk away and never listen to them again. 
    Sleep cannot be ‘topped up’ with a 15 minute cat nap. Instead ask your mum, partner, sister in law or whoever you can that you trust to pop round for an hour to watch them while you catch yourself a decent nap.
  • My two absolutely love watching me dance… I’m not sure why or how I discovered this but I turn the music up, lie them on the floor/sit them in their bouncers and go for it. Usually accompanied by various stuffed toys in my hand. I’ve found this is a great way to entertain whilst also loosing some of the baby weight. It’s usually best done after the aforementioned nap though! 
  • Countless people will find it acceptable to shout “You’ve got your hands full” as you walk to the shops/down the street – it’s basically twin cat calling. I’ve found the best response is to say “and my heart” and walk off leaving them stood with their mouths open. 
  • I found a lot of people tried to frighten me before the girls arrived. I assumed I’d need a huge change bag, mountains of stuff and that it would take me hours to get ready just to get out the door. This isn’t true. I have a Primark backpack that I bought to go to New York a couple years ago that I use as my change bag. I leave a handful of nappies, two vests and two sleepsuits in their with some cream and a pack of wipes. Then I just grab milk and take it with me. It’s really not that hard – normally. 
    It is a lot harder when you’re sleep deprived and unprepared. The best thing I’ve found is like in school, to always ensure your bag is packed the night before. 
  • I mentioned on my last update, an endless supply of chocolate, biscuits and sweet stuff helps. This still stands. 

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