The bags under my eyes in this bump photo say it all. Growing two tiny humans is exhausting. Some days I feel like I have been pregnant forever and other days it only seems like yesterday I was throwing the ClearBlue stick at Jay explaining ‘we might have a little issue…’ Oh if I’d only known then that our little issue might be x2. I have successfully made it to 32 weeks pregnant with our little modi twins and looking back, I’ve really not had that bad of a pregnancy. I have however started to really notice my limitations. Not long now though – we met our consultant again this week and d-day (or c-day should I say) has been decided!
How Big are the Babies:
Been scanned by our consultant this week was a different experience to been scanned by our twin midwife as there was a lot to take in while she was doing the scanning. The girls are now so big and are cuddled up together so it’s really hard to make out two baby shapes – we really just see various body parts and to top it off they were sat in strange positions. Twin 1 was 3 lb 7oz, still comfortably sat in breech position. Twin 2 for the first time in the whole pregnancy had over taken her sister and was 3lb 8oz, also breech and both facing each other, heads together. Twin 2 had definitely been doing some stretching as one of her legs was up by her head!

The back pain continues – it’s more of a dull ache everywhere until I try and do something like bend or reach then sometimes I get a sharp pain. It’s also waking me up during the night and whilst I’m most comfortable sleeping on my left, I get bored and turning over is really uncomfortable. Generally, once I’ve turned I need the bathroom and have to get up so it just doesn’t seem worth it. I did have a very successful physiotherapy appointment today which I’m going to cover in a separate post as it could be really useful to anyone else who’s pregnant with twins!

Braxton hicks – apparently my Mum never even noticed when she had these. Mine sometimes are a little uncomfortable but are worst when I’m a passenger in a car. Going over bumps in the road is like a form of torture.

I still have a healthy appetite and eat more than I used to but I wouldn’t say I’m eating for three or even for two. I’m still having three balanced meals and as I type this, after lunch and before dinner, I’m snacking on a tin of peach slices.

Weight Gain:
No idea. Family and generally older people (our gardener for example) take great pleasure in saying ‘oooh you’re getting bigger’ ‘looks like you have two in their ha ha’ and ‘have you swallowed a couple watermelons?’ Friends, friends of friends and strangers have slightly different reactions – some comment that I don’t even look pregnant from certain angles, others ‘can’t believe there’s two in there’ and a few have said ‘what a tidy little bump.’

So my bump is definitely growing and is bigger but I really don’t care as long as our twinnies are healthy. I have started to notice I’m carrying more fluid and my face, ankles, feet and hands are swollen. With only a few weeks to go, I don’t think this is bad going though.

I don’t think I can call it exercise any longer – I move and I try and keep as active as I can. I walk a lot slower and I haven’t been swimming due to my classes running out. I’ve still been doing my stretching and I’ll be adding the exercises my physio gave me to these.

As mentioned above, I go to the bathroom multiple times through the night now and turning over is a challenge so it’s not great sleep. There has been the odd night where the twins have decided to have a party and all I can feel is them turning and kicking, which is a lovely comfort to know they are there and ok but a pain in the bum when you’re just dropping off and someone thinks your bladder is a trampoline.

Other Notable Things:
So my little bit of a wobble while trying to put socks on is now a full blown impersonation of a weeble (remember them?). I can’t reach and I’ve stopped trying. I can’t pick things up off the floor without doing the most ridiculous looking lunge and I waddle when I walk. I get stuck in our sofa and feel like a space hopper with giant arms.

The most exciting news which I briefly touched on above was that we had another appointment with our consultant and we now know when the babies will be born, this is provided they don’t decide to make an early appearance themselves! Since there is a lot involved with twin pregnancy birth plans I’ve already started drafting a separate post about ours to go live later this week. It’s very much an anti-birth plan. Can you believe than in less than a month myself and Jay will be the proud parents of two tiny humans? Now that’s going to fly over…


  1. Chrissie
    June 6, 2017 / 6:29 pm

    How exciting I am 28 weeks with twin boys and am really feeling the weight during the end of the day. When did u finish work?

    • June 7, 2017 / 11:38 am

      Hi Chrissie,
      Congratulations! As I work for our family business, I'm working right up until the end of my pregnancy. Luckily I'm able to work from home when I need to and put my feet up 🙂 Our consultant recommended if I wasn't able to be flexible, finishing work around 26/28 weeks depending on how I felt. Best of luck with your pregnancy!

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