Twin Pregnancy : The Anti-Birth Plan

On my last update post, I announced that we’d found out our d-day in our latest appointment with our consultant and provided our girls don’t make an early appearance of their own, they’ll be joining us at 36 weeks, in June. It was a surreal experience finding out the birthday of your babies before they’re here but I’ve known for a while because of our twins chorionicity that the process would be much more clinical than a singleton pregnancy.

Our type of twins, mo/di share a placenta and are separated by a thin membrane (our doctor describes it as a piece of clingfilm in a bag of water) and research has shown, as well as other various reasons, the placenta isn’t strong enough for both after 36 weeks. Therefore they are delivered early. However modi’s apparently have a habit of turning up of their own accord earlier than this!

Been under consultant care means we’ve been seen and scanned at least every two weeks, sometimes more depending on what has been going on. On top of this I’ve had additional appointments with community midwives, health visitors and my GP, so we’ve definitely been well looked after. Birth was discussed at our very first consultant appointment and it was explained we could still potentially have a natural birth provided the circumstances were right. I’m not a doctor so I won’t even begin to try and repeat everything we were told here. I also believe that everyone is different and as it turns out because of our twins circumstances, the best thing for us, was to plan a date in for a section at 36 weeks.

The idea of a ‘Birth Plan’ isn’t something I’ve ever been comfortable with. I’m no expert but in my opinion there are so many things that can happen during labor or an operation that really it would be hard to make a plan for what you want to happen. And I think this is why so many friends, family members and people I’ve spoke to feel so disappointed with their birthing experiences… because they didn’t go the way they intended.

So I’ve been very much anti-plan from day one… I’m happy to go with the flow and whatever is best and safest for the twins is what I want. We’ve got all our dates to begin the process which starts the week prior and then our section date but if the twins decide to make an earlier appearance, we’ll be assessed then to see what the best course of action is.

What I have done is made some points with our consultant which we discussed. For example, I quite like the idea of hearing the process so if I can, I want to know what’s going on. In terms of skin to skin, the priority is obviously making sure the girls are fine and healthy but as soon as possible, section or v-bac, we’d like whoever can if that’s me or Jay to be able to have some skin to skin time with the babies. Finally if the babies or one of them needs to go to NICU, Jay is to go with them while I’m finished been stitched up.

And that is as far as the plan on paper goes. The rest of the plan is to spend the time between now and the twins arrival getting ourselves and our home ready for them and enjoying what time we have left as just the two of us as much as we can. It feels very surreal but terribly exciting that we’ll shortly be meeting our two little mini me’s!

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