Time just seems to be flying by and we now know that in less than six weeks our girls will definitely be with us! At our last scan on Friday,
our midwife was really happy with how the twins were progressing and if that continues and our consultant doesn’t have any problems then we’ll continue on to week 36. We’ll be continuing with our regular scans however so if anything does change, they could still deliver sooner!

I feel so pleased and lucky that I’ve managed to get our little twins to 30 weeks. When we found out they were mo di, I listened to our consultant and did a lot of reading online and it is so common for these types of twins to make a much earlier appearance. The goal was always to make it this far and then anything extra was just a bonus. I keep talking to my bump and telling them, keep baking just a little bit longer.

How Big are the Babies:
I’ve been feeling the strain on my tummy and back the last few weeks so I knew they’d been growing. Twin 1 had made it to 3 pounds exactly and Twin 2, who has always been our slightly smaller twin was 2 pounds 11 oz. We’ve been assured this very slight difference in size isn’t anything to worry about and we can see from the growth charts they both ‘step’ rather than run go with the flow. Typical, our girls are just like us and can’t do anything straightforward.

The back pain is not fun at all. I feel like I’m carrying lots of heavy food shopping constantly and my whole top half aches. I’ve now also started to struggle to get up as though my bump is still small, it’s bigger than what I’m used to. I get wedged in the back of our new sofa regularly and Jay has to pull me out.

I’m definitely eating more. I’m having three healthy well proportioned meals and then grazing a lot more. I’m trying to make these extra snacks as healthy as possible but when I feel like a treat I’m not restricting myself. One thing I do need to do is try and drink more water which I’m rubbish at at the best of times.

Weight Gain:
I’m back to having no idea. I know my bump has got bigger but I’m regularly told by friends and complete strangers that I don’t even look pregnant from the back! With only a few weeks left, I’m not really concerning myself with it and just trying to stay healthy.

Exercising is getting a lot harder but I’m still trying to stay as active as I possibly can. I’ve been attending my aqua-natal classes, swimming and walking whenever I can. Plus I’ve been trying to help as much as I can in our new house which takes up a lot of energy.

My sleep is broken but generally good! My pregnancy pillow is so comfy and I’ve now taken to dragging it round the house with me as it makes getting up a lot easier.

Other Notable Things:
My baby shower was this weekend and it was lovely! My Mum and sister-in-law, Leanne had organised it all perfectly. All the family chipped in with making the yummiest afternoon tea, there were some of the funniest games and my Mum reused all our wedding decor plus a few new bits and pieces to decorate the house. Not to mention we received some of the most gorgeous presents – I can’t believe how loved by so many, our girls are already!


  1. May 24, 2017 / 10:40 am

    I'm so glad for you. You look and sound very healthy. I like that you are eating well something I struggled with when pregnant with my first child. Congratulations already as we look forward to the arrival of your twins.

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