Week by Week Twin Pregnancy: 28 Weeks

twin pregnancy 28 week bump update on girl in the north

The past few weeks have been quite the rollercoaster – everything had been going smoothly but then suddenly I think ‘having twins’ caught up with us among everything else we had going on. The good news is the team of doctors and midwives at our hospital are brilliant and gave us all the care we needed. At the end of week 26 towards the start of week 27 I noticed they hadn’t moved anywhere near as much and we were brought in for testing, both babies appeared fine but there was lots of assessments done just in case. At our next routine scan however at week 28, Twin 2’s cord wasn’t delivering fluid as it should. It was a pretty scary few days but thankfully with the new house semi finished, I was able to have a weekend of relaxing and putting my feet up and by Bank Holiday Monday, Twin 2’s levels had returned to normal.

So this week I had an extra appointment at the hospital and a visit to the community midwife! I’m feeling really fortunate that I’m in a position where I can work from home most of the time and don’t have to be out and about as this week I’ve started to find driving really uncomfortable. In fact I’ve started to find most things uncomfortable! I’ve been so fortunate throughout my pregnancy so far, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

How Big are the Babies:
At our last growth scan, the twins were 2.4oz each – in terms of vegetables, they’re around the size of eggplants or aubergines depending on where you’re from! Towards the end of week 28, I’ve really started to feel the extra weight I’m carrying around with me – people who comment on my bump are a mixture of ‘blimey you’re carrying neat for twins’ to ‘crazy you’re so big already.’ I’m not a great fan of people telling me I’m big and that I’m going to get bigger but I keep putting it down the fact that I was a very small size 6/8 pre-pregnancy and they’re just a bit shocked that the human body can stretch so much.

As I mentioned above, I’ve been so fortunate and lucky so far but things have started to catch up with me now. Each day it feels like my world is getting a little bit slower, I’m assuming this happens to single pregnancies but perhaps a little bit later on. There is so much I want to do before the twins arrive but I’m simply unable to do a lot on my own now. Especially since the new house is getting to a stage where I want to clean and tidy but it takes me so much longer than it used to!

To sum things up, I’m tired easily, breathless, unable to reach my toes and bend to get my socks on but possibly worst of all to me very achey.

Speaking of socks, I had been provided with a lovely pair of NHS compression socks as swelling, varicose veins and fatigue is extra common in a multiple pregnancy… as they aren’t the most attractive of things the lovely people at Venosure sent me a pack to try and they are fantastic! Plus with this rubbish weather we’ve been having they’ve been incredibly warm. So far, I’ve had no signs of swelling etc so they’re obviously doing the trick!

Again we’ve now pretty much moved all our stuff to our new farmhouse (though Jay is still on doing bits and pieces of restoration work to it), so my Mum is not far away from us now filling us with wholesome meals packed with veggies and making the most delicious fruit salads for me!

Weight Gain:
I touched on this above – the bump is definitely bigger and getting mixed reactions from people. However I finally jumped on the scales as the curiosity was killing me. At the start of my pregnancy I was a healthy 5ft 3 and 45kg / 7 stone and last week I was weighing 8.5 stone which considering the fact I’ve got two babies, a placenta, amniotic fluid and a lot more blood in me, I assumed I would have been heavier. Truth be told, though I was curious as long as the twins are healthy and I am, I really don’t care about my weight.

I’m now back at my aquanatal classes and really enjoying them – it feels so good to be floating in the water. Aside from this I’ve just tried to be as generally active as possible, stretching and then going for walks in the fields as much as I can.

This past week my sleep has changed considerably. I’m now up two or three times a night to the bathroom and that combined with feeling really uncomfortable means I haven’t slept anywhere near as well as I have been.

Other Notable Things:
We have an appointment on Jay’s 30th birthday with our consultant who’ll be discussing the plans for the next few weeks and possible delivery dates! So that’s really exciting and a lovely thing for Jay on his birthday.

I’m also really looking forward to a baby shower which my Sister-in-law and Mum are planning for me – I’ve been told when it is and where but other than that I don’t know any details at all!


  1. May 7, 2017 / 11:47 am

    Hi im think im just over a week ahead with twin boys. How are you planning on delivering, im so all pver the place if you have a natural or csection.

    • May 8, 2017 / 11:37 am

      Hi Jemma,
      Aww how lovely! I'm actually 29 weeks now coming up 30 on Friday so we might actually be around the same… I'm just terrible at posting updates on time at the moment. The intended plan is c-section which is what my consultant recommends because they're modi and wants because of a condition I have however obviously if they decide to make their own appearance before then… well we'll just have to see what happens! So I'm just trying to be as open minded about it as possible. Do you know if your boys are mo di / di di?

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