Pregnancy Dreams: The Weird and Wonderful

I thought I’d stray a little from my usual type of post as this was something that no one had ever mentioned or warned me about prior to getting pregnant! Despite friends already having babies and attending all my sex education and biology classes as a teenager, you’d have thought at some point I would have heard about pregnancy dreams…

I’ve always had a very good imagination. My Mum used to tell me that as a child, I’d tell her the most amazing stories about the places I’d been and what I’d seen but actually I’d never left the farm where I grew up. These adventures I went on got me into lots of trouble, like the time I once shaved my shetland pony practically bald and gave her a mohawk as we’d ‘been to the jungle,’ or when I started my own jungle gym business and built a homemade seesaw which I catapulted my younger brother off breaking both his arms (sorry Adam). Mum was convinced that I’d eventually write children’s books one day (marketing isn’t that dissimilar at times, instead I tell brands stories) however I grew out of it the older I got. That was until I got pregnant and my subconscious mind led me astray again on some of the most odd dreams.
So with the risk of getting myself called a crazy lady or the possibility that you might share howling in laughter at me like my family and friends did, I thought I’d introduce you to three of the bizarre scenarios my mind played out in my sleep over the past 8 months – one from each trimester.
At my old gym, there was a swimming pool however it was mainly designed for kids as it had a wave pool and various props to make it look like a beach. I hadn’t been swimming there in months as it was really hard to squeeze in between work and the term vs half term timetables.
This wasn’t where my dream started though. I was at a beach which looked a lot like Tynemouth, I’d been there a while despite the fact the weather wasn’t the greatest and I don’t really remember what I was doing until I discovered an oil tanker had crashed spilling oil all over the sea. Strangely no birds, other than a colony of over 100 penguins were harmed in the accident. I decided it was my job to rescue said colony and was suddenly in a truck driving a trailer load of oily penguins down the motorway!
It didn’t take long for me to reach my destination – my gym. I had several arguments with various staff members before they agreed this was the best place for the penguins to be as the wave pool would simulate their natural environment (supposedly – I’m not sure when I became such an expert on penguins and their habitat). I ushered the penguins in and they were swimming and generally enjoying the leisure centre’s facilities before my alarm rudely woke me up and I explained to Jay, ‘you’ll not believe the dream I just had!’
Turns out, in time Jay would come to believe that I was having crazy dreams because at the start of the second trimester I slept walked for the first time ever. I didn’t get very far – I only went to the bathroom but I was out for the count and though I remembered dreaming, I didn’t recall the conversation I’d had with Jay or what I’d got up to!
At some point in the middle of the night I apparently started nudging Jay and asking him to wake up. He panicked and asked me what was wrong to which I replied ‘I’m scared, the aliens have tried to take the babies!’ I was convinced that aliens had tried to abduct my unborn children – obviously unsettling for any sleepy soon to be father.
Realising I’d had a bad dream, my calm and patient as ever husband tried to settle me and tell me to go back to sleep however I had other ideas. I actually made Jay wake up, turn the lightS on and check for aliens before I’d go to the bathroom. On my return, I explained they’d been hovering by the bed and had tried to take the twins for testing and that we needed to be careful in case they came back, I then promptly fell back to sleep.
The following morning, I knew I’d had a strange dream about aliens but I had no idea about the rest. Thankfully Jay has the patience of a saint however I’m not sure how he would have coped if this had happened every night.
If only eh? This is one of the latest ones and is probably the most random.

The dream set off fairly normal, Jay and I were heading to one of our routine scans at the hospital however we weren’t been seen by our usual midwife or consultant. This new girl did the scan and then explained because we’d spent so much in car parking fees at the hospital, she’d go bring the car to us. It was part of a new service the hospital were offering, so we told her where we’d parked our black Audi A3 and the reg.

We headed to the hospital’s Costa to grab me a decaf latte when Jay realised he’d left his wallet and phone in the car along with his passport. The new midwife, with our car had yet to turn up so we panicked assuming she’d stolen the car and our belongings. All of a sudden we were meant to be going on holiday to Florida with our family and so Jay went off to report the stolen car to the police whilst I (heavily pregnant with twins) decided to bike from Durham to Redcar (xx miles – fairly sure my consultant would have a few strong words about this if it were real).
So I’m on my bike, heading over the country roads to go meet Jay’s family when I suddenly find Jay’s wallet on route. The new evil midwife must have thrown it out of the car when she was stealing it, I explained to him on the phone… I’m still not sure how he answered as his phone was meant to be in the car too. I eventually got to Redcar which looked like my home in Durham and I realised we didn’t need to go to Florida after all because my Dad had built a new Disney World right behind our farm. Big Ben was also randomly there and the sun was setting so I decided to take some photos because the view looked so pretty of the Disney Princess Castle, with my house and Big Ben all in shot – only to get shouted at by some fellow cyclists for stopping and blocking their path. “Can’t you see I’m pregnant with twins?” I shouted back to which they swore back at me. So dream me pulled out the only line I could at that, “Don’t you know who I am? My Dad built that Disney World and you’re now not getting in!”
I’ve had funny dreams before where I’ve thought they meant things, for example I used to dream my teeth were falling out if I was feeling anxious or unhappy. Honestly though, I’m not sure where you’d start analysing these dreams so I’m just putting them down to the fact that pregnancy can sometimes just be a little bit weird.

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