Week by Week Twin Pregnancy: 24 Weeks

This week I started to experience some of the more unpleasant pregnancy symptoms – although *touch wood* I do seem to have so far got a pretty easy ride compared to my pregnant friends. I’ve started to experience some Braxton Hicks which is apparently normal this early when you have twins – this isn’t fun at all. And especially today I’ve been feeling extra tired and breathless. The good news is my bump is definitely growing and our girls love nothing better than having a good old kick about! We had another consultant appointment last Thursday and it’s slowly dawned on me that in 12 weeks or possibly earlier, we’ll double our little family size.

How Big are the Babies:
At our last scan, the girls were too big to get good pictures! They also wouldn’t stay still which wasn’t helping things either. Twin 1 weighs 1.4 whereas twin 2 is slightly behind at 1.2 – our consultant and twin midwife said this is completely normal but are keeping an extra close eye as modi twins have a high risk of developing TTTS. Luckily for us, our hospital are really good and continue fortnightly (and when needed weekly) scans all the way up to the birth. It’s funny because I predicted this before our midwife told us – twin 1 is much more active and definitely has a firmer kick.

On certain days, I’ve felt like I’m full of jelly. It’s definitely an odd symptom to describe but I’ve been assured it’s just a sign I’m growing. On top of this, I’ve felt a lot of stretching – if I do too much, I start to feel like I’m been pulled from either side of my abs. My midwife casually said ‘oh yes, this is just your ab muscles tearing!’ Oh fun!
I’m also incredibly short of breath now and going up the stairs to Jay’s office requires a half way break. Then on days like today, I’m breathless for no apparent reason! It makes me feel quite dizzy and the only thing that helps is lying down on my left hand side which proved rather interesting in B&Q the other day.

I’ve noticed I am eating bigger portions and I am trying to be careful about realising when I’m full and stopping eating. I don’t get the full feeling that I used to and I’m guessing this is just because my stomach is probably in shock from two tiny humans growing near it!

Weight Gain:
As usual I have no idea and I don’t really care. I did take my measurements from various parts of my body when I first found out I was pregnant and I haven’t grown anywhere other than my bump. It’s literally the only place I’ve put inches on whilst everywhere else has stayed the same. I honestly put this down to staying as active as I possibly can.

I’m finding life in general a lot harder lately. I can no longer reach to put my socks on (not easily anyway) and bending down is easy but getting back up is a nightmare. My aquanatal classes are definitely helping though and I’ve been making sure to go on plenty walks.

This week I’ve started to notice my sleep pattern changing – I’m still falling asleep around 9pm but I’m waking up a lot earlier. Around 4.30am/5am, I’m up for another trip to the bathroom and when I get back into bed I just can’t seem to drop back off. I’ve been using this time to read as much as I can!

Other Notable Things:
We now have the keys for our new home as you may have already seen in this post. Things are already progressing and we’ll be starting plastering this weekend with the hopes of been fully moved in by the first week in May!

Tomorrow morning I have another appointment with my community midwife, where as well as all the usual checks I have, she also said she’d be starting to help with applying for maternity allowance – so I’m looking forward to learning more about that!

I am starting to feel very unprepared though… perhaps it’s the fact we’re between homes and the one we’re moving to isn’t liveable but I’m looking forward to been able to unpack all the baby things. Though we have a lot of the bigger stuff, pushchair etc, I don’t feel like I have anywhere near enough nappies, bath things and baby grows for them. I did manage to pick up the above pictured Aden + Anais musy squares from TK Maxx the other day but 5 musy squares aren’t going to get me very far are they?! I also have nothing for my hospital bag and I got told by our consultant to make sure it’s ready from now on! Eeek! Does anyone have any musts for what I should definitely buy?


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  1. April 5, 2017 / 7:40 pm

    Trust me when I say you don't need any baby toiletries and 2 packs of nappies will do to begin with. You will need to go to the supermarket after birth (or order delivery – recommended) and you can add nappies and wipes to your regular order.

    All you need to start with are some plain babygrows, Moses basket and sheets/blankets, cotton wool for washing, wipes, 1 pack of nappies and maybe a tin of milk and a few bottles just in case you can't breastfeed – last thing you want is to have to pop to mothercare on the way home from hospital. I recommend the bottles that self sterilise in the microwave by tommee tippee. They sterilise in minutes and are inexpensive.

    You can't have enough muslin clothes, maternity pads for you, cheap cotton knickers, dark pj pants/yoga pants and breast pads. Also try and get some batch cooking done if you can.

    Hope that helps a little xxx

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