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Back when I first found out I was pregnant (and at that point was only anticipating one baby), one of the very first things my Mum treated me too was a pregnancy book. I know a lot of people say they are a waste of money but I love reading and I knew nothing about babies so it seemed like a good place to start!

Things obviously changed when we found out we were having twins and my reading material then doubled, if you excuse the terrible pun. Some were more useful than others, so I thought I’d give you a run down of all the books I’ve read so far and the apps which I’ve been using!

The Bump
Pretty much as soon as I had done the several pregnancy tests and it dawned on me I really was pregnant, it didn’t take me long to do some rough calculations to the date of my last period. I was still in a state of shock and wondered how big the ‘thing’ that was supposed to be growing was. Whatever I searched brought up The Bump as the first app so I downloaded it. It was really informative and though the sizing was American, it did have really cool pictures and articles. I still use it now as I love the see inside the bump feature – where you can take a glimpse on what’s happening on the inside. The only slight problem I have with this app which is common is although you can change the settings to twins/multiples, it doesn’t actually change anything to show you two babies.

My Pregnancy 2016
Shortly after my doctor’s visit to confirm the pregnancy, we told just our parents we were expecting. My Mum immediately got super excited and went on a shopping trip where she purchased this for. This book is a really concise and detailed guide that covers the NHS experience in the UK. It’s been a really helpful resource that I’ve dipped in and out of during my pregnancy so far. Though it doesn’t cover the finer details of multiples, it’s been really handy to read about maternity allowance and the extra things we should apply for. I found out I was expecting in 2016 but the new 2017 edition is out now which you can purchase here.
Bounty Pregnancy App
My GP actually told me to download this app just before our first scan. I had told him how tired and rubbish I felt and he told me to download it and get myself the first pack from Boots! I’d heard about Bounty packs before from pregnant friends but assumed they were just what you got in hospital – turns out there are several throughout the different stages of pregnancy you can claim and the first one was a lifesaver. I popped on my free face mask, covered myself in moisturiser and felt like a new woman for all of a day! The app is full of lots of really useful articles, hints and tips and even has special features just for Dads. Whether you’re a twin, single or multiple mum – I’d recommend you download this app.

The Unmumsy Mum
Jay actually bought this for me for Christmas. Although I knew I wanted to have a family one day, at the time I fell pregnant I wasn’t I guess your usual ‘Mum’ and my brother described me as ‘unmumsy.’ I like to think they think of me like this because I’m quite laid back usually. Either way, this book is a hilarious insight into the many highs and lows of pregnancy and children. I really enjoyed reading it but I personally think if you’re going to invest in this book, wait until you’ve given birth. It’s a little bit like watching One Born Every Minute while pregnant… I’ll leave it at that.

You can buy The Unmumsy Mum on Amazon here.

Double Trouble: Twins and How to Survive Them
After our early scan where we found out for the first time there was not one but two babies, I came home and cried down the phone to my best friend for an hour (or two), ate a bar of chocolate (or two), had a bubble bath and eventually pulled myself round to realising twins were such a blessing. I then did what any person who grew up alongside the internet would do – I googled. I came across Double Trouble on a forum and bought it straight away. It was published a few years ago but the majority of the information in it still stands (just not the bit about catalogue shopping becoming my best friend). It’s a sound guide for knowing what your entitled to as a twin/multiple mum in the UK.

Click here to buy Double Trouble: Twins and How to Survive Them

A Contented House With Twins
A few weeks after finishing Double Trouble, I had a bit of a meltdown moment… I don’t know what to do with one baby let alone two so another quick googling session eased my mind and told me all the answers would be in Gina Ford’s, Contented House with Twins. A couple of months on, I’m not kidding myself that all the answers to a simple life with multiple babies is in here BUT it did give me lots of really good ideas around setting a routine. Not to mention planning the twins new nursery and helpful advice with regards to feeding. I wish I could be as organised as Gina Ford but I know I’m not going to be, this book made me feel a lot more confident though and for that I would recommend any twin or multiple mum give it a read.

You can buy Gina Ford’s
A Contented House with Twins here

Ovia Pregnancy App
Shivani recommended I download this and if you’re expecting you have to download it! Jay and I have such fun each week clicking through the different objects to see what size the babies are! It’s packed full of useful tips and what’s going on in there and best of all features loads of yummy healthy recipes for pregnancy.

25 weeks into my pregnancy and so far that’s all my reading material and apps (other than a whole load of boring NHS leaflets) – I absolutely love reading though so if you have any recommendations for books, apps or pregnancy blogs please let me know!

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