Week by Week Twin Pregnancy: 22 Weeks

After not been very well the other week and after some discussion with my doctor and Jay, I finished my contract with the university this week. (A huge thank you to my colleagues there and especially to Anne for the present.) I’m now working flexible part time hours for myself which has already really helped and made me feel a lot better than I had been. That combined with the nicer weather we’ve been having has given me that extra bit of energy to feel more human again. It also meant I was able to head out and catch up with some friends this week rather than wanting to hide in the house in my comfies.

How Big are the Babies:
Can you believe there’s two spaghetti squash sized babies in my bump? I can’t… that is until I try to breathe or eat and I realise I have very little lung capacity left. At our fortnightly scan, they were weighing perfectly at 15oz each. They were also cuddling each other which was the most heart-warming thing to see. After a particularly quiet week on the kicks front, they’ve definitely up’d in energy and have been making their presence known, particularly when I need the loo or if I’m about to go to sleep. Cheers babies, one day I’ll get my own back.

I can’t walk anywhere near as fast as I used to and I’m breathless even when sitting down. Besides this I haven’t really had any other symptoms this week. Though I don’t have the energy I used to, I’m feeling much better this week than I have been.

I wouldn’t say I lost my way this week but I definitely could have eaten a lot more fruit and vegetables. I’ll be tackling the weekly food shop this weekend so will get back on it asap.

Weight Gain:
No idea and I don’t really care. It’s actually quite a popular question among people who find out I’m having twins! ‘Oooh really? How much weight have you put on?’ There is NO situation that question is ever really appropriate! I’ve got two 15oz babies in me, a rather heavy placenta and then a lot more blood than normal so I’m guessing quite a bit. Overall though, I’m really happy as other than a bump (& an extra bra cup size), my body hasn’t changed shape!

I started at Puddle Ducks Aquanatal classes the other week and I love it. Been in the water is so nice and makes me feel weightless.
With having the opportunity to be at my parents farm more and the nicer weather, I’ve been going on lots more walks too!

Thankfully the insomnia only lasted for a couple of nights however my sleep is still broken with multiple trips to the bathroom – something tells me this isn’t going to change now and is probably only going to get worse.

Other Notable Things:
I’m really looking forward to been able to choose the colours and start planning the twins room. Jay will be restoring our new home soon and I’ve already been to B&Q for a whole load of paint samples. It’s all starting to come together which is probably a good thing considering in around 14 weeks they’ll be with us!

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    March 26, 2017 / 8:06 am

    you look lovely i'm loving reading your posts

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