Week by Week Twin Pregnancy: 20 Weeks

girl in the north twin pregnancy ultrasound 20 weeks

I guess I should rename these posts ‘Two Weekly Twin Pregnancy’ updates as unfortunately I missed last week due to been a bit poorly. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have heard I ended up with a water infection. One of the worst things for a MoDi pregnancy. The good news is after a couple of appointments with my Doctors, some rest and a round of antibiotics, I’m back to my normal pregnant self and the babies were absolutely fine at our scan on Friday.

How Big are the Babies:
Considering how ill I felt last week, the twins are growing just perfectly and are now the size of a banana each. According to my notes they’re both 10oz exactly and I can certainly tell as I’ve started to feel a LOT more squished inside.

It’s 5:02am and I’m writing this – pregnancy insomnia has struck. It seems very unfair that I can feel this tired but absolutely cannot sleep. I’ve spent the past hour tip-toeing around the downstairs of our house trying not to wake up Jay whilst helping myself to Weetabix and a decaf tea in the hopes that some food will send me back off to sleep. This theory doesn’t seem to be working.
Besides the insomnia right now, these past two weeks I’ve started to notice getting my breath is a lot harder and I have to walk slower. After I eat, even if it’s a very small meal – I still feel like I’ve tackled five Christmas Dinners.

20 week twin baby bump

So given above, I’m now trying to snack more throughout the day. I still have my three main meals but they tend to be smaller and I fill in the gaps with fruit.

Weight Gain:
As well as appointments with my Doctor last week and a scan with our twin midwife, I also had a community midwife appointment. This was where I was first weighed and assumed I would be again however she said she’d leave this to the consultant. So I’ve no idea exactly how much I have put on but it’s all still bump and boobs at the moment.

I’ve been doing my usual routine of lots of walks and stretching however I was under strict orders to rest last week. Tonight though I start at my Puddle Ducks Aquanatal classes which I’m really looking forward to. Been in the water feels so nice and I already know from the twins movements when I have a bath or shower that they love it.

See symptoms. Until tonight I had mostly been sleeping well, even with the multiple trips to the loo each night as I was falling straight back to sleep. Hopefully tonight is a one off and tomorrow I’ll be back to normal.

Other Notable Things:
We’ve felt kicks! This is the most bizarre feeling in the world as I often forget I’m pregnant. In the grand scheme of things I’ve been relatively symptomless so far (bar the tiredness) and it often slips my mind that in 16 weeks they’ll be an extra two tiny humans living with us. When they move it’s a lovely reminder I’m carrying them with me everywhere I go – I’m not so much looking forward to the coming weeks when they get stronger and the kicks get harder!

This week I did manage to venture out to Mothercare’s Parent to Be event which was really informative. I took my Mum along with me as Jay was busy and we loved the mini first aid class. I left with a bag full of goodies and lots of information to read up on.

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    March 27, 2017 / 6:35 pm

    These posts make me so excited for you. Lx

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