Preparing for Twins – Farmhouse Restoration

One of my first thoughts I had when I found out we were having twins was ‘Oh my goodness how will we fit in our house?’ I’m the first to admit we hadn’t really planned or prepared for one baby, let alone two so my initial reaction was panic. Thankfully unlike myself, Jay is the opposite of me and is calm, confident and doesn’t panic in fairly unique situations like the one we were experiencing.

We’re having MoDi (monochorionic diamniotic) twins, which means it’s a high risk pregnancy because they share a placenta and are only separated by a very thin membrane – our midwife explained to me it’s like a piece of clingfilm in a bag of water separating them! We were told upfront from the start that they will be delivered early at 36 weeks, that is if they don’t arrive of their own accord before then which is common with this kind of twin pregnancy. So I was advised to rest as much as I could, not to stress and to get as much done as I could as soon as possible. I knew I was going to need lots of support and our house in Durham wasn’t exactly near either of our families. So we took up the opportunity to move back to my family farm and restore one of the farmhouses there.

We received the keys this weekend and work has already begun on restoring the place, so I thought I’d share a few photos from the progress so far.

1. The house holds a lot of sentimental value to me as it is actually my Nan and Granddad’s old home which sits across the way from my parents home. There is a path that runs all the way round the outside and it’s where I learnt to ride my bike as a child. I have vague memories of myself swinging outside the kitchen window and leaping off into the garden (which is now extended driveway).

2. The views are just incredible – this is taken from the front on part of the driveway but behind the property if you walk past the garage, it’s equally as pretty from all angles.

3. Been at home is not only going to be handy for when the twins arrive but also been able to just head out into the countryside for a quick walk is keeping my mind calm and my body well exercised. Since the sun was shining this weekend, my Mum joined me for several walks and it’s lovely having time to bond with her more.

4. This is actually in my parents home – all my deliveries for the twins! Sorry about the mess Mum. Everything is packaged up until we can move it into the new house once it’s ready so it’s currently taking over her conservatory.

5. A little before of the kitchen which is obviously very dated. After much debate and help from Steve, our Kitchen Designer at MKM, we’ve gone with a traditional Shaker-style in an almost sage colour.  The kitchen was ripped out over the weekend and I’m so excited to see what it’s going to look like when it starts to be installed.

6. This part of the dining area of the kitchen is staying! It’ll be having a lick of paint and some TLC but I absolutely love our little log burner.

7. You’ll see from the picture of the livingroom that there was a stone fireplace… well this now looks like this! After some rather horrendous loud drilling which I stayed well out the way of the stone is all gone. We’re adding another woodburner here and I think it’s going to be such a cosy space in the Autumn and Winter.

8. The light in the house is just incredible. It always feels so warm and inviting even on rainy days. Not to mention the views from all angles.

9. Our new Eames style chairs for the kitchen arrived and though we’ve only built one so far, they’re perfect! This weekend has gone by in a bit of a blur and I’m so thankful to have Jay and our families all working on the preparations for our twins. I am obviously keeping out the way of all the heavy lifting and works and have instead been scouring the Next Home catalogue and Pinterest for design inspiration – my favourite kind of nesting!


  1. Louisa
    March 28, 2017 / 8:13 pm

    The Next Home catalogue is my favourite. Those Tate's have that house looking great already!

  2. April 1, 2017 / 6:26 am

    Wow you're so lucky this will be an incredible family home. Good luck with the renovations (and parenthood!) X

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