Week by Week Twin Pregnancy: 18 Weeks

Happy belated Valentine’s Day everyone! Valentine’s week is always extra special for me as the day after is my birthday and this year I turned 30! I still feel no different to when I was 18 but with all the excitement I accidentally missed week 17’s update. There wasn’t much change until late in the week when I quite literally popped overnight and everything changed a little bit! I suddenly have a very obvious but still petite bump which is nice because people at work no longer think I’ve just had a big dinner the night before. We spent the whole week looking forward to our fortnightly scan which was on 17+6 and I was surprised at how much they’d grown. They weren’t doing their usual flips this week and I guess that’s because they’re slowly growing out of room.

Week 18 for mo di twins also marks the halfway point for us. I don’t think either of us can quite believe that in another 18 weeks we’ll be meeting these two for the first time!

How Big are the Babies:
Our two little girlies are the size of a French croissant each! They’re about 5 1/2 inches from crown to rump and in terms of weight… at our last scan twin 1 was 8oz and twin 2 was 7oz which is perfect.

Thankfully the tiredness has eased off and I have been feeling much better. However on the flip side I have developed terrible baby brain which is providing much amusement for colleagues and friends. I put the sugar in the fridge the other day and had to check I’d locked the door three times in a row. If this is a trade off for been exhausted though, I’ll take it.

I’m been really good and eating my regular meals still. I have noticed I’m a little bit hungrier than I have been but I’ve made sure to take plenty of healthy snacks with me to work. I’ve been nibbling on grapes and snacking on yogurt rather than chocolate.

Weight Gain:
I’ve still got no idea. My bump is definitely growing (click here to see a bump update photo) and my boobs (hooray) but I haven’t noticed any other changes. Not really weight gain related but I’ve been using my Secret Savior band religiously from week 15 and so far I’ve not had any stretch marks whatsoever… hopefully this will continue.

Nothing new to report, I’m still making sure I go out on walks on a lunch time at work and taking the stairs wherever possible as well as continuing my usual stretching. My job will become more flexible shortly so I’m looking forward to starting a local aqua-natal class in March!

I love it. As I mentioned above, I’ve been feeling much better this week but I still look forward to my bed every night. I’ve never ever slept on my back before but now I know you’re not meant to from 16 weeks… I keep waking up on my back! So I’ve been getting Jay to build a pillow fort each night around me in the hopes I can’t roll over.
I’ve started typing up a pregnancy dream blog post, which is better than any fiction I’ve read in a while so that’s something to look forward to!

Other Notable Things:
I can feel them! Not just butterflies or popping like popcorn but actual rolling around movements which is the strangest most odd thing ever. I first noticed it when I was in bed one night and thought something had tickled me – turns out it was one of the twins. I feel them most when I’m in the shower though but best of all they react to Jay’s voice which is the most heart-warming feeling.

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