Week by Week Twin Pregnancy: 16 Weeks

16 week twin bump

We started our fortnightly scans on Friday and what a lovely afternoon it was meeting our girls!!! All through my adult life I had assumed when I became pregnant, I would want a surprise. This was obviously when I assumed I would have one baby at a time. And when I found out I was pregnant, I told Jay I didn’t want to know… then after the shock of my life finding out we were having identical twins, I decided I’d had enough surprises. So it was as if Twin 2 knew we wanted to know because as soon as the doppler touched my tummy yesterday, she moved straight into position and even Jay had realised before the midwife had time to say!

How Big are the Babies:
Our two little twins are each the size of a pair (that’s top of the head to rump – not including the legs as someone had to explain to me) and weigh around 100g, which is about the weight of two bags of M&M’s. In the coming few weeks, the babies are expected to grow significantly – I’d already gathered this as I’ve had what I’d describe as a feeling a bit like period pain however is actually round ligament pain and all my midwives have said is nothing to worry about – it’s basically growing pains as I’m stretching!

Tiredness and a bit of cramping as mentioned above, and I still need that massage but not a whole lot else if I’m honest! Despite the desperate need for a massage which I’m sure Jay is sick of hearing about how achey my shoulders and back are, I do feel like I’ve been really lucky during pregnancy so far.

Ps. I’m still definitely not glowing.

Nothing new to really report here either! I have been eating three regular meals a day and snacking on lots of fruit. I have avoided eggs without the British Lion stamp and have been cooking all my meats through. I have also been trying to include all the things I usually dislike myself. For example nuts, I cannot stand them but I’ve been forcing myself to have a little every few days as I personally feel or should I say hope that the babies will be able to tolerate them once born. Please look up your own advice on this and don’t take mine – I am absolutely no expert when it comes to this, it’s just my own theory.

Weight Gain:
Absolutely no idea. I haven’t bought those scales I was going to, nor have I checked anywhere else. To me my bump looks quite big in this week’s picture but I think the twins just decided to say an extra special hello on Sunday when it was taken as the last couple of days it’s not been as prominent.

I started a new contract back in January, working full time at Durham University, this has meant I’ve been much more tired on an evening and haven’t felt like doing as much. So instead I’ve been going for a walk each lunchtime, even when it’s been super freezing cold!

I’ve also been doing my pre-natal pilates as and when I can on a morning or evening but if anyone has any suggestions for good pre-natal workouts, I’d love to hear them?

I’m not going to lie, I originally photoshopped this week’s photo and edited out my eye bags! I was going to use them but then I thought heck no, this is the truth and the real me… I’m not glowing, I feel exhausted and look it. So this is the un-photoshopped ‘my eye bags are bigger than my bump’ picture.
On a separate note the dreams just get more and more obscure each night! Thankfully at the moment I’m only getting up once to go to the bathroom usually around 3/4am and then falling straight back to sleep. My only problem is that it’s never enough and I even find myself day dreaming about when I can go to bed or take a nap!

Other Notable Things:
We got to watch the twins for absolutely ages during the scan while lots of check were done on each of them. It’s so funny seeing them interact with each other – I’ve seen single baby ultrasounds before and they’re cute but it’s fascinating watching twins and realising they’re very aware of each other already. They were quite obviously reaching out and touching each other which made my heart feel all fuzzy.


  1. February 12, 2017 / 5:54 am

    Hi! I was just on Pinterest looking for pregnancy snacks and came across your blog. I am pregnant with twins as well and am due July 25, so it seems we are pretty much going at the same pace! I thought that was crazy and cool. I totally feel you on the exhaustion and feeling so tired at the end of the day. Just thought I'd comment and tell you you're not alone.

    • February 21, 2017 / 8:54 pm

      Hi Rachel,
      Thanks so much for your comment. It seems we are! My due date is mid-July but we've been told they'll be delivered earlier as they're mo di twins. Hope you're feeling better and keeping well.
      Katy x

    • February 23, 2017 / 3:53 pm

      We've been told the same thing about my due date, we expect them late June. Our twins are also mo di. I hope yours are growing good and at the same pace! And I hope you're feeling better and have more energy in the day!

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