Week by Week Twin Pregnancy: 15 Weeks

When I first found out I was pregnant with twins, I was only seven weeks. I was also exhausted and in quite a bit of pain. People don’t tell you about the tummy cramps you get and symptoms are often (but not always) twice as worse when you have twins! Though many people have told me I shouldn’t search the internet for information, I personally feel more comfortable knowing both the positives and negatives. Other than your standard NHS scanned leaflets and quite a bit of information on American websites, I didn’t really find that much… so I thought a week by week summary would be a nice keepsake to have here but also really useful for anyone else who’s expecting twins!

How Big are the Babies:
Our two little twins are the size of Naval Oranges, measuring around 10.2cm and weighing around 71 grams each! I haven’t until this week actually had any sign of a bump – no one actually believes that I’m pregnant with twins when I tell them. However yesterday they finally made an appearance and I waved goodbye to my abs for the foreseeable future.

I don’t want to jinx anything but I feel like I’m getting over the exhaustion slightly. I have been taking several naps and having to lie down quite a bit during the day as well as having 8-9 hours on a night! I might as well have gone into hibernation over winter however this has started to ease and though I’m very tired at the end of the day, I’m no longer taking naps.

I haven’t had ANY morning sickness at all throughout my entire pregnancy however I ate a red apple the other day and within ten minutes I wasn’t well. I’m not sure why because I was fine again straight after but for whatever reason, it seems the red apple didn’t agree with me. Other than that no symptoms at all but I massively crave a decent massage – pregnancy massages come at a bit pricey cost so I’m trying to wait till I get really desperate to book one.

For a while during the first trimester, I went off meat! Being a farmer’s daughter I was raised on meat and can usually think of nothing better than a Sunday dinner or a big juicy burger however I couldn’t go near it. I could smell meat from a mile off and couldn’t even walk down the aisle in Sainsburys. Jay lost quite a bit of weight over Christmas and this possibly had something to do with our new vegetarian diet. However it’s back!! Though I’m still not a great fan of cooking smells, I’m back to my normal diet. I’ve been having a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner and then snacking on fruit and/or yogurt throughout the day.

Weight Gain:
I haven’t actually been weighed since my first community midwife appointment despite all our other meetings and scans. During the office slimming weigh in, I slipped on the scales for a nosey and provided they’re right I’ve put on 6lbs since the start of December. I’m going to get myself a set of scales so I can always use the same ones to see though.

Even when I was utterly shattered in my first trimester I tried to stay as active as I could and it was very very hard. I had fallen asleep while eating several times so encouraging myself to get up and move wasn’t the easiest. However I did do go for walks and some swimming, plus pre-natal pilates.

Now I’m feeling a little bit more energetic and with the days becoming brighter, I’m hoping to keep this up with extra walks and add in some more swimming. I’ve found a pre-natal aqua class that I’m also going to join soon as well.

My absolutely favourite thing to do right now – though I’m dreading not been able to lie on my back anymore. I generally wake up once or twice throughout the night to go to the bathroom but I haven’t any trouble getting back to sleep yet. My parents bought be a giant maternity pillow for Christmas so I think I’m going to dig that out in the coming weeks and give it a try – sorry Jay. I have also been having the most random dreams including sleep talking and sleep walking – these are far too funny and definitely warrant their own post (or a book deal) as they’ve had various friends and family crying and rolling with laughter. Pregnancy is weird.

Other Notable Things:
We have our next scan this coming Friday and from then on I’ll be scanned fortnightly, all the way through to the end of the pregnancy. Our consultant told us that the guidelines in the UK now state for Mo Di twins that you should be scanned fortnightly up until 26 weeks but luckily for us Durham don’t do that and continue to monitor the babies all the way through. Even though it was only a couple of weeks ago since we last say them, it feels like it’s been ages and I can’t wait to see how much they’ve grown and make sure they’re ok.


  1. January 30, 2017 / 3:14 pm

    I love reading pregnancy updates, its so nice for you to be able to look back on too – I might do one of my own after reading yours 🙂

    It's great that you've had no morning sickness! I'm the same as you with the dreams, some have really freaked me out, and others have been a bit random where I'm dreaming that I've forgot to feed the baby! I'm guessing it's all just general anxieties of a first time mam! Hope your next scan goes well, it will be lovely for you both to see the two little ones again. Looking forward to reading your next update 🙂
    Laura x

  2. Anonymous
    February 2, 2017 / 10:57 am

    Loving the updates Katy! I wish I was brave enough to write about it all on my blog but I'm just not ready to (this probably sounds ridiculous!). Well done for staying active, I was too tired until 15 weeks to do anything other than nap after work but have started swimming again now. It's nice to feel weightless in water when you feel huge on land 🙂 Looking forward to reading more xx

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