Honest Reactions I Never Expected

I briefly touched in my last post about how at first I felt a little sensitive around the fact I was pregnant and then even a little more sensitive when I found out it was twins. This blog has always been a very honest place and (I’m sorry future children should you ever read this) quite frankly I didn’t feel ready… even if I was ‘the correct age’ as people kept reminding me. I was actually pretty terrified.

Now I won’t name names or be name calling as there were quite a few people who reacted in ways I never expected or could have imagined. Please don’t get me wrong, there were lots of people who said lovely things too! However at the time when the news was still sinking in for myself, ‘You’re going to get so fat!’ or ‘You’ll never be skinny ever again!’ or ‘Twins??!! Rather you than me!’ didn’t really help.

Perhaps we should have hung onto our news for a little bit longer but despite the fact I was terrified, we were still excited. These comments, I’m sure were intended to mean well and it just took me a couple more weeks to be comfortable enough to come up with some decent come backs.

Once I started to get over the shock that there were two little lives growing inside me, I started to realise my body and the changes it would face (whatever they were) was no ones business. I also came across a great post by Kate who’d experienced similar issues during her pregnancy and it filled me with confidence that someone else felt the same! Once the news came out on my Instagram, I’d already started to feel a lot better and amazingly lots of Mums and even a couple Dads got in touch to wish me well and offer their support. Funnily enough the theme of their messages was quite often more than not to not listen to any negativity.

And so I chose just that. I downloaded the Positive Pregnancy app, carried on living the healthy lifestyle I always have, eating a good diet, exercising still but more gently and realised that this was probably a lot more beneficial to me and the babies than anyones opinion about my body.

So a massive thank you to everyone who was kind, supportive, listened to me cry down the phone (sometimes for over two hours) and who came round to see me for a decaf cuppa! And to everyone else, I’m not going to get fat but yes I’m sure my waist will expand (so are my boobs hoorah), yes I might not get back to my pre-pregnancy weight but who the heck cares and YES actually, rather me than you!

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  1. January 27, 2017 / 12:58 am

    Katy you're body is going to change because you're carrying 2 little people. It's so special what you've got. Katie x

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