The Affordable Wedding Guide Part 1: Charlotte Mills Shoes

You’ll know if you’ve read my previous posts that I’d always assumed that when I got married I’d have a long engagement. And our original plan was to do just that and to get married next year, in the summer of 2017… however when our venue was available on a date we wanted this year and was a lot more affordable, we snapped it up! Then quickly realised that gave us 3.5 months to plan everything! Given that we cut the length of time to plan, we also cut the budget. However I still managed to get everything I had wanted and dreamed of plus more, so I thought this might be a nice little feature for anyone who is planning their wedding.
Once I’d chosen my dress (I’ll write about that next – promise), I set about finding myself the perfect pair of shoes. My dress was pretty unique and busy so I had a hard time finding inspiration online. I needed something plain and wanted something beautiful and my budget was under £100. I’d trawled through Love My Dress and the Little Book for Brides (back when the wedding was meant to be next year and my budget was a bit bigger) and clicked on every shoe link imaginable from Belle Bridal. I kept been drawn to Charlotte Mills and her designs but none of the current styles seemed to fit with my dress, nor my budget.

So in H&M one day I spotted a pair of plan white chunky heeled sandals and I thought they would do. I told myself no one was going to be looking at my feet and I couldn’t really go wrong for £9.99. So they sat in a bag in the wardrobe with a pile of other wedding things and I ticked ‘shoes’ off my list.
That was until a month later when the receipt for H&M had gone past the return date and the re-marketing ads started appearing. It was like Charlotte Mills shoes were haunting me. I was meant to be purchasing some handkerchiefs off ebay when I suddenly had a thought and quickly typed ‘Charlotte Mills Size 4’ into the search. Only one pair popped up and they were perfect! A wedge (walking around Crook Hall Gardens is lethal in a spiked heel), not too high but high enough, had an ankle strap (I’m terrible for flopping out of shoes when there’s no strap) and they were only £70. They were unworn as well which surprised me and I pinged off a message about the green safety stickers on the bottom. When the reply came in a few hours later, it was from the Charlotte Mills shop! My shoes were a one off pair and were for discounted sale.

I couldn’t believe my luck and I really did think there was going to be a catch but after a couple of calls to confirm things, I hit ‘buy it now’ and they were on there way to me! They were presented in the most beautiful blue box with gorgeous shoe bags and a borrowed envelope for me to send a snap of them back in to Charlotte. Trying them on for the first time made me weak at the knees in panic that they wouldn’t fit but I can honestly say I’ve never worn a comfier pair of shoes.
I wore them for the majority of the wedding day and I still get them out every now and again for a little wander round the house in!
Quite honestly I would have gone barefoot to our wedding provided I still got to marry Jay… however I’m so glad that I managed to find shoes that were exactly what I had imagined and carried me through the entire day. I love that they have a story to them too. So if you’re getting married next year or sometime in the future but can’t break the budget, keep your eyes open and don’t rule good old ebay out!
This post is in no way sponsored – I just wanted to share how I found the most perfect wedding shoes for me. Take a look at the latest Charlotte Mills shoes here.

All photography credit to Jade @ Gasp Photo Co

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