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Every year at Christmas since I hit my late teens, my Mom has always gone out and bought me the amazing Soap & Glory Boots trunk of goodies! If you know Soap & Glory, then you know which one I mean (and if you don’t you need to make sure you read this post again before Christmas)! It’s so so good and stuffed to the brim with body butters and facial products that all smell good enough to eat!

So back before the festive season I received an email inviting me along to a S&G event taking place in the Metro Centre. Unfortunately my Dad took a turn for the worst and I never made it along but I did receive a lovely early Christmas treat in the post! And as I explained in my last post, I’ve been meaning to write about it for a while but never got around to it.

Since receiving the goodies I’ve been testing them out and I have now completely converted to using the Total Drama Clean Cleansing Water. I don’t really wear much make-up on a day to day basis but this stuff slices through my mascara and makes my skin feel super clean before bed.

I’m equally as addicted to the Fruitgo body mist, which now lives in my gym bag on rotation with another few that I already had… all the body mists smell divine! The Archery Brow Tint Crayons are amazing according to my Mom – if you know me well enough, you’ll know I have no need for these as my eyebrows are ‘tattooed’ thanks to the lovely Yemanya. So you’re going to have to take my Mom’s word for it! I haven’t yet tried the speed plump moisturiser, purely because I haven’t run out of the one I’m using just yet.

My absolute favourite and staple make-up bag piece however is Sexy Mother Pucker. It doesn’t really need me to tell you about it, it does what it says on the tin and I love it, as do millions of other bloggers. So the bathroom in my house is now absolutely full to the brim with the famous pink lotions and potions bottles, much to J’s disapproval (I’m sure he sneaks some bubble bath every now and again). After all, who wouldn’t want to smell like a sweet shop!?

Please note Soap & Glory did provide me with these complimentary products. Although this post is sponsored the above ramblings are my 100% honest opinion.

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