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November seems like a lifetime ago now but things just kept getting in the way of me sitting down and really having the time to write this post! Blogging isn’t a business to me and it never has been. Don’t get me wrong it’s certainly helped my career and shaped the path I took – I’ve been writing online since I was 13 (& I’m 28 now) but it has always been because I enjoyed it. When I didn’t enjoy writing online… I didn’t do it and so over Christmas, naturally spending time with my family and friends took precedent.

So to fill you in: our luxury, romantic 5* holiday to Egypt got cancelled and after much debate about where to go and a lack of sunny holidays left for sale due to everyone doing the same as us, we found a bargain week long break in New York with Virgin Holidays instead. So I emptied out all the bikinis from my suitcase, filled it with warm jumpers and headed down south to Jay’s. We flew from Heathrow to Newark and after a long flight and finally managing to navigate our way to downtown New York – we arrived pretty groggy at the Millenium Hilton Hotel.

We made our way to our room on the (almost) top floor, 54 out of 55 and were greeted by the most incredible view of downtown New York. The hotel is part of the World Trade Centre site and we overlooked 1WTC which is the most stunning building to look at but also very humbling. After our pure shock at how amazing the view was and how high up we were, we spotted the milk and cookies with a handwritten note welcoming us to the hotel. The long journey had kicked in by 10pm so we tackled the milk and cookies and headed for an early night in our super comfy bed.

We spent the week being ‘proper tourists’… if you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know I went to New York while I was at university but I didn’t really do a lot of the sights. So we spent our days visiting as much as we could thanks to our amazing City Passes! Over the week we explored the Statue of Liberty & Staten Island, headed up the Empire State Building & The Rockafella Centre… We popped to Tiffany’s (of course), MOMA, The Natural History Museum, Central Park… The list could go on forever and I could pretend I took lots of amazing photos of my food and the hotel but on returning to the UK I found out I’d make a rubbish travel blogger!

And so no sooner had the trip started – it was over and we were flying back to the UK. The blow of our holiday coming to an end was softened by the fact Christmas was in full swing in England upon our return and so there was plenty to keep ourselves busy with. Make sure to let me know if you’re heading to New York anytime soon or thinking of planning a trip – I can’t recommend the Millenium Hilton Hotel enough – it was absolutely stunning & a brilliant location for travelling uptown.

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