A Night in at The Bridges

Love Sunderland

I hate blog posts that start with ‘A few weeks back I got an invite…’ but there’s really no other way to start this! In fact, I got more than one invite, I had about three emails and a Facebook message inviting me along to a little blogger soirée at The Bridges in Sunderland. I was attending a wedding the day after the event and I’d actually already planned a trip into the city after work to get a few bits and pieces, so the invite couldn’t have come at a better time.

The event wasn’t just about The Bridges and was instead about the city as a whole. Now I’ve moved back into Durham, I have to admit I haven’t been into Sunderland shopping for a while so it was nice to hear from the experts, Sam & Andy at The Bridges and Gemma at the Sunderland Bid, about all the exciting and new things going on!

Now everyone knows what a shopping centre looks like and Sunderland’s Bridges is no different! (So I used my favourite photo I’ve ever taken in Sunderland for this post!) It has everything you’d need which is why I’m often surprised when some locals say they’d rather go elsewhere. Convenience is key for me. So the news that late night shopping on Thursdays now included free car parking made my day.

As well as the retailers in the Bridges, Gemma gave a lovely talk about all the fantastic independent retailers in the city, like Serendipity (my favourite vintage teashop), Hot Rats Record Store and Pop Recs, Frankie & the Heartstrings very own shop! And about the events like the Airshow and the stage shows at the Empire! There really is so much going on, I’d be on all day if I tried to write about it all!

After hearing all about the new developments in the city, we were invited to make our own bath bombs in Lush and have make overs at Debenhams. I left everyone to their own devices at this point though and went on my confetti and last minute bronzer finding session. Thankfully I managed to get both plus a few other bits and pieces! If you’re stuck for something to do or fancying a shopping trip I’d definitely recommend a little visit to Sunderland. The Bridges even has a really handy page which tells you about all the events either in the centre or in the city – click here to take a look! And finally a big thank you to Sam, Bernice & Gemma for having me along!

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