Bucket List – 006 Buy my own house

Cup of Tea - Girl in the North

Friday just gone was an incredibly exciting but long and busy day for me. After finishing work and a visit to see one of my best friends, I got in later than I expected. That was when the reality of the situation sunk in, that in the morning a removal van was coming to get all my furniture and I hadn’t packed one thing!

You’re probably thinking, ‘hang on a minute Katy, didn’t you just move in?’ And you’re right it was only 12 months ago that I started to rent my little house and I’ve loved every second of it. It was however part of a much bigger plan to tick off an item on my bucketlist… 006. To buy my own house. I am still in complete shock that I’ve actually managed to do it. Admittedly a few opportunities came my way and after almost a year in my (now not so) new job, it seemed like the right time.

So at 10pm on Friday night, when I knew what I should really be doing was packing, I sat down and had a cup of tea and reminisced about the past year. It’s been lovely living so close to work and handy too but I’m so excited to be moving back to my home city, Durham. I’ve got a few more weeks to wait until my house is ready so I’m staying with various family and friends at the moment and it’s so nice to be back with them.

I cannot wait to be able to blog about my new home and I’ve been going mad on Pinterest… not to mention a few splurges in my favourite interiors store The White Company. What’s your favourite house’y online shops? Make sure to tweet me the links & any home inspiration boards on Pinterest!!

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