Love Your Imperfections

Love Your Imperfections - Review

Back in December I received an email from asking if I’d be interested in trying out online dating! Being brutally honest here, my love life hasn’t exactly gone so well for quite a few years and because of the type of work I do, it’s so hard to meet people. I’ve happily enjoyed the single life for nearly two years now, still going on dates and things… but when it gets to winter time, I’ll admit – it would be nice to cosy up with someone so I thought well why the heck not?!
Match set me up with an account and I found some photos I thought were half-decent. Writing my profile was the hard bit! Considering I blog you’d think I’d be used to writing about myself but I didn’t want to over-sell or under-sell. I stuck to the truth, explained I had a busy career, was ambitious and wanted to meet someone similar who ultimately wanted to have fun… but not the seedy kind of fun!!!!! I even joined their #loveyourimperfections campaign by admitting I was bit geeky.
To cut a long story short, I spoke to a few people but no one I really clicked with until one day at the start of January when I was out food shopping & my phone buzzed with a notification. The conversation flowed, we ended up going out which went really well, agreed to meet again, saw each other a few more times and then it promptly ended as fast as it started. I have to admit, I was a a little sad about this because it did seem to be going so well but I guess it wasn’t meant to be…
I’d never used before but I actually found it really fun. I like to think I’m a friendly person and enjoy getting to people. And to me that doesn’t matter whether it’s chatting away to a cashier in the supermarket or learning about someone new online – it’s nice to be nice I think so I would do definitely do it again.
So I’m still single for now after all that! Have you ever used online dating before? I’d love to hear about your experiences and any success stories so drop me an email or tweet me yours!

Please note did provide me with a complimentary account for the purpose of review. Although this post is sponsored the above ramblings are my 100% honest opinion.

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