Christmas Card Writing

Christmas Cards from Asda on Girl in the North

I thought since I was on a roll with the festive posts this past week, I might as well keep up the trend! I used to always forget to send cards when I was younger and I’d buy a pack but never get them wrote out. As I got older I started to realise the importance of them. It’s so nice to receive something in the mail that someone has taken the time to hand-write personally.

I suddenly realised today when I met with a printer for work that I’d forgotten to buy cards this year. So I popped to Asda after work to take a look at their selection. I fell in love straight away with these beautiful velvet lined cards! They were a bargain price at £2 for 15 cards in 2 designs with red and white striped envelopes. The really lovely part is that 10% of every sale goes to Tickled Pink too!

So I’m spending this evening with a mug of hot chocolate and a Christmas film writing out all my cards. I just need to tackle the wrapping of the presents next!

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